Go Board Game Software

Go BoardOften described as the Oriental version of Chess, Go is the national game of Japan, and is considered to be one of the world's foremost games of strategy and skill.

Here are some of the many available versions of this popular game, for Windows, Macintosh, and mobile devices, including freeware, shareware, and commercial software.

Go Software

  • AIGO
    AIGO is a Go (Baduk, Wei Qi, Wei Chi) program for Palm. You can play against your Palm.
  • AtariGo for Palm
    AtariGo is a public domain game for PalmOS, using monochrome to 8-bit colours. Freeware.
    AUGOS is "The Automatic Go Player". Available in both DOS and Windows versions. Freeware.
  • Dariush
    Dariush is a software which permit you to play go against it or against an external go engine. It has 10 games levels, is able to play on differents goban size : 9x9, 11x11, 13x13, 15x15, 17x17 et 19x19. It can play with or without handicap (from 0 to 9), knows 3 rules (japanesee, chinese and aga), with or without times limits. Freeware.
  • GNU Go
    A free Go program for UNIX.
  • Goban
    Use Goban to play the game of go against the program. Play with people on the Internet go servers or your local network. Observe live pro and amateur games on IGS, the Internet Go Server. Review and analyze games. Browse through joseki or fuseki libraries... Goban is a powerful, simple, fast go board for Mac OS X. Freeware.
  • Many Faces of Go
    The 1998 World Computer Go Champion, and six time US Computer Go Champion. It is one of the strongest Computer Go opponents in the world, and has many other great features.
  • Moyo Go Studio
    Go game database with 400,000 games (60,000 pro). Pattern expert with 17 million pattern (Fuseki, Joseki, Tesuji and Good Shape). GNU Gi client and SGF Editor. Pattern search tool. The software comes with lifetime free automatic updates and lifetime free pro games per weekly email. Help consists of demonstration movies with sound.
  • PalmGo
    PalmGo records and plays back go games. It also serves as a portable Go board. Includes ListRec, a free utility which retrieve records from a Palm Pilot database and hot-syncs to the backup directory of the Palm Desktop. Requires PalmPilot.
  • Pentango
    Pentango is actually three games in one: Go-Moku and 2 variations of Pente which is like Go-moku with captures. In Go-moku, you place stones on a board consisting of a 19x19 grid and attempt to get 5 stones in a row before your opponent does. Simple as tic-tac-toe, but because of the larger playing surface, much more challenging.
  • TurboGo
    TurboGo is a Go program for the computer, especially written for inexperienced players or people who are not familiar with the rules of Go. For this reason, TurboGo has an extensive help section, containing the rules of Go, advice on how to play Go, an example of a game and addresses of Go associations and clubs.

Last Update: December 29th, 2013