Board Game Collecting

The following is a collection of links to board game collectors and additional information about the hobby of board game collecting.

  • Association of Game and Puzzle Collectors
    The Association of Game and Puzzle Collectors is dedicated to the collecting and preservation of old games and puzzles, and to research on the history of games and puzzles.
  • Collectible Board Games
    A site is devoted to collectible board games, and information regarding some obscure board games. With reviews and information on other board game collectors. View antique board games and explore links to other site containing board game info.
  • Elliott Avedon Museum
    The intent of the Website is the presentation of general historic and descriptive information regarding games. Graphic examples accompany the text. In the main, objects in the Museum and Archive of Games Collection are the focus. The Museum Collection is world-wide, from different time periods. Appropriate reference citations are provided.
  • extravaGAMEza
    Jeff Lowe's extravaGAMEza is a source for used and collectible boardgames (and a few card games as well). The selection includes TV and movie games, war and strategy games, sports games, family games, travel games, and more.
  • Games Gone By
    Vintage board games and board game accessories, featuring information on vintage games, games for sale, price guide book, and accessories.
  • Games People Played
    A site devoted to Ryan Brown's collection of Parker Brother Games, with hundreds of game images in a large number of categories.
  • Lyle's Games Galore
    Information on all types of collectible board games, including games for sale, photos of the author's personal collection, board game reviews, and board game links.

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Last Update: May 26th, 2011