BackgammonBackgammon is one of the world's oldest board games, and is considered by many to be one of
the best.

It features elements that you may be familiar with from other games, such as the game pieces that resemble checkers or stones, and the dice which are used to randomly generate moves. The most distinctive visual element of the game is the game board itself – rectangular in shape, with alternately-colored triangles forming the positions on which your gamepieces are placed. The game is a member of the general class of games known as "race games", in which the winner is the one who reaches a certain position on the board, or the one who first removes all their pieces from the board. [see full rules]

Backgammon is relatively easy to learn – a newcomer can generally pick up the basic rules in a few minutes, and be playing proficiently after only a few games. Mastering the game is, of course, another matter. Improving your game involves a complete understanding of the rules – which is the easy part – as well as an appreciation of the odds of various dice combinations, and the judicious attack of your opponents' pieces.

Backgammon enjoys widespread popularity throughout the world, as well as the on the world wide web. There are numerous pages maintained by backgammon aficionados, as well as backgammon clubs, online games, and computer games.

Alternate Names: Tric-Trac, Tables
Variations: Acey Deucey, Chouette, Dutch Backgammon, European Acey Deucey, Gioul, Plakato, Russian Backgammon, Snake

Backgammon Games

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