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BackgammonBackgammon is a game of chance and skill for two players, played on a game board marked with twenty-four alternatively-colored triangles, called "points".

Check out this comprehensive collection of Backgammon links, including rule sites, backgammon news sites, online play sites, and more.

Backgammon Links

  • Backgammon FAQ
    Frequently Asked Questions about Backgammon, including discussions of rules and rule variations, electronic backgammon games, backgammon resources, and other backgammon-related games.
  • Backgammon Galore
    Tom Keith has a great backgammon site, and his rules page is extremely well done, with clearly-written text and outstanding illustrations of the backgammon board and player movement.
  • Backgammon Shop
    One of the world's largest supplier of backgammon products. Online ordering, pictures of everything for backgammon players, backgammon directors, backgammon retailers, and wholesalers. They also supply turnkey backgammon tournaments worldwide.
  • Backpacker Backgammon
    Travel Backgammon boards that are small and light, folding down to a packet of 15cms x 22cms x 3cms. The site also features Backgammon instructions, tutorials, and links.
  • GammOnLine
    An on-line backgammon magazine, with articles, annotated matches, backgammon quizes (with prizes), a backgammon discussion board, and letters from the readers.
  • GammonVillage
    GammonVillage is backgammon's newest and most vibrant online community, with backgammon news, a calendar of events, a discussion forum, links, tutorials, and much more. An interactive backgammon portal with over 30,000 members. Novice or pro? It's all here. This is a truly impressive site.
  • McCool's Backgammon Page
    Kate McCullough's backgammon site has a nice collection of gammon-related info, including books, articles, photos, club info, and links.
  • New England Backgammon Club
    The NEBC is a club for playing backgammon, and encourages players of all abilities to come and check us out. Tournaments are scheduled both weekly and monthly, and the side action is furious. Newcomers to backgammon, or tournament play are especially welcome, and are always given a cornucopia of help when playing at the club.
  • U.S. Backgammon Federation
    The U.S. Backgammon Federation is devoted to advancing the awareness, participation, education and enjoyment of the skill-based game of backgammon.

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Last Update: May 4th, 2012