ScrabbleScrabble® is a board game for two, three, or four players, played on a gameboard made up of 225 squares (15 x 15). 164 of the squares are normal, while the remainder have special attributes such as "double letter", "triple letter", "double word", and "triple word". Each player draws seven lettered tiles at random, and attempts to make a word on the board. The only real rules are that the word must use at least one previously-played letter, must form a word horizontally or vertically, and that the word must be a dictionary word (no people or place names).

The resulting game ends up looking something like a crossword puzzle. Thus, Scrabble® is sometimes known as the "crossword" game.

For even more fun, try Super Scrabble, which is a super-sized edition of the game, with more spaces, more tiles, and more points. In addition to the normal double and triple squares, Super Scrabble has quadruple letter and word score spaces!

Scrabble Board Games

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Scrabble Links

  • Scrabble CubesScrabble Cubes
    The goal in Scrabble Cubes is to form words by linking adjoining letters across the face of an ever-changing 3D cube. Click on adjoining letters to form as many words as you can before time runs out. Each time you use a letter, it will turn a deeper shade of red. When you use a letter for the fourth time, the cube will be disappear, and a new one will replace it.
  • Crosswords
    A multilingual Scrabble-like game for up to four human or computer players. English, German, French, Italian, Swedish, Norwegian, Spanish and Dutch are supported now with more languages on the way. Available in PocketPC and PalmOSversions.
  • Literati
    An addictive crossword board game for 1-4 players that will keep you playing for hours. Rack up extra points with double and triple word and letter scores. Two skill levels, built-in dictionary, user-configurable windows sizes, cool background music, and neat graphics.
  • National Scrabble Association
    Home Page of the National Scrabble Association, the governing body for tournament and club play in the United States and Canada.
  • Ortograf
    A Macintosh Scrabble game with four levels of difficulty and four types of games (Classic, Duplicate, Belgian and Prepared). The dictionary contains 142,331 valid Scrabble words. Easy to use, with a very nice interface.
  • Scrabble Bonus Word Techniques
    Discover the fast way to maximize your Scrabble score by recognizing and playing the optimal words and letters at the right time. It will dramatically improve your game scores!
  • Scrabble FAQ
    Frequently Asked Questions about the game of Scrabble, maintained by Steven Alexander.
    The official Scrabble web site from Hasbro. Learn about the history of the game, find a club or organization, or order Scrabble stuff online.
  • The Big Scrabble List
    A large collection of Scrabble links, including General Scrabble Sites, Online Scrabble, Word Lists, Scrabble Books, Scrabble Stuff, Scrabble Software for Windows, Scrabble Software for Macintosh, and Scrabble Link Pages.

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