ParcheesiParcheesi is an American version of the Ancient game of Pachisi, the national game of India, in which you race around a track on the game board, attempting to block your opponents while moving your markers to the goal. The game is also known as Pachisi, Parchisi, Parchesi, and Twenty-Five, and is a descendent of the older game of Chaupar.

Parcheesi, a family classic since the 1860s, is the ultimate race-and-chase board game. The object is take four pawns from start to home, using rolls of the dice to dictate your moves. It sounds easy, but to accomplish your mission you have to first roll a five to even move off of start, and then you must avoid running into blockades and dodge your opponents, who threaten at every turn to send you back to the beginning. If you plot your moves strategically and use the safety zones scattered around the board, you might just make it.

Similar games include Ludo, Sorry, and Trouble.

Parcheesi Games

  • Parcheesi: Royal EditionParcheesi: Royal Edition
    Parcheesi, the classic game of India, is a simple but challenging game of strategy that has been played for over 2000 years! The object is to get all 4 of your pawns back home to win. But you'll need to watch out for your opponents because they can send you right back to your starting place! Classic gameplay features along with bonus moves and lucky doublets make the Parcheesi board game an unpredictable and thrilling race to the finish every time you play! Parcheesi - Royal Edition has a classic look and feel that commonly appeals more to adult gamers as opposed to other versions that are more visually appealing to young ones.

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Parcheesi Links

  • LudoGame
    LudoGame is a Flash-based version of the family game of Ludo (AKA Parcheesi). It's played by 2-to-4 people, and the object is to move all your pawns around the board from the start area to the goal area.
  • Pachisi History
    History and information about the game of Pachisi, the national game of India. Part of James Masters' Online Guide to Traditional Games site.
  • Parcheesi Online
    An online version of the Parcheesi game, from, the web site where you can play the more interesting board and Spanish card games with other people on the net.
  • Parcheesi Rules
    Rules to the game of Parcheesi, as reprinted from an old game. From the excellent Game Cabinet Rules site.

See Also: Ludo, Sorry, Trouble

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