BattleLore Board GameThe world of BattleLore meshes history and fantasy together – putting players in command of a vast array of miniature troops on the battlefields of a Medieval Europe Uchronia at the outset of the Hundred Years War.

Assembling a group of wizened old Lore Masters - men of faith and magic, tricksters and grizzled warriors - is only one of many challenges you'll face. The proper deployment of troops, careful choice of allies, timely spell-casting and good old-fashioned treachery are all important skills to master!

The doorway to epic fantasy adventures, BattleLore lets you relive the best of your role-playing experiences with family and friends, for an hour or an evening of fun.

Includes a double-sided battle map game board, over 210 highly detailed miniatures, 58 banner bearers and 15 extra banners, 46 terrain and landmark tiles, a 60 card command deck, a 60 card lore deck, 42 summary cards, 2 war council sheets, 24 lore master tokens, 12 battle dice, and a comprehensive Player's Guide to BattleLore.

BattleLore Games & Expansions

  • BattleLore - Epic BattleLore (Expansion)BattleLore - Epic BattleLore (Expansion)
    The Epic BattleLore expansion offers experienced players the opportunity to conduct battles on a grand scale by combining multiple board maps into a single, over-sized battlefield. Epic Adventures' larger format allows up to six players to join in and experience the fun of mass combat on a grand scale. (Note: This is not a standalone game; requires the original BattleLore game to play.)

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Last Update: June 2nd, 2011