Review Recaps: October 2014

Review Recaps: October 2014 (image courtesy Stronghold Games)

Here's a quick recap of some recent board game reviews of note, from some of our favorite board game reviewers:

  • Camel Up Review – "a party game, something to grease the wheels at family gatherings and events"
  • LOKA Review – "a chess variant where dice determine whether you capture your opponent's piece"
  • Bomb Squad Review – "a cooperative game in which players operate a disposal robot to disarm bombs and save hostages"
  • Splendor Review – "a fast-paced and addictive game of chip-collecting and card development"
  • Johari Review – "players are merchants in the ancient city of Jaipur, and they try to collect jewels"
  • This House is Haunted Review – "a very interesting game that is one part mystery and one part theater"
  • Lagoon: Land of Druids Review – "shape the fantastical world by harnessing the power of its magical lands to bend destiny"
  • Hand-Off Review – "a fantastic football card game that really does feel exciting, nail-biting, and exasperating"
  • Slaughterball Review – "a competitive sci-fi board game simulating a brutal future sport"
  • Völuspá Review – "Creation and destruction are two sides of the same coin"
  • Abyss Review – "an engaging set-collection card game set in an underwater kingdom"
  • Sellswords Review – "Draft your guild, plan your attack, and seize victory!"
  • Israeli Independence Review – "solitaire wargame tells the rich & engaging story of the First Arab-Israeli War"
  • Iron and Oak Review – "a game of ship-to-ship combat set in the American Civil War"

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