About Board Game Central

I started this site because I was interested in board games, and wanted to learn more about them. I am by no means an expert at any of the board games, though I know some better than others. As I learn more, I hope the site will expand to become a useful site for all board game enthusiasts.

In the beginning, the site will function primarily as a portal to other sites, with links to information sites, software, and retail games. As the site grows, I'll add more content within the site itself. One thing I definitely plan on exploring is some of the newer board games that go beyond the traditional (and somewhat generic) traditional games. I'll add information on these types of "themed" games as soon as I can.

For a further discussion of what is included on this site, see What is a Board Game?

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    My name is Randy Rasa, and I am the webmaster here at Board Game Central.

    I should not be mistaken for an expert in any of the games presented here. I am reasonably familiar with what products are available, but I am not an authority on the details of any specific game. In fact, the universe of board games is too large for any one person to know it all. If you have a specific question about a particular game, please consult one of the sites that specialize in the game you're interested in – they have the space to present their information in far more detail than I do here.


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    Last Update: June 4th, 2013