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  • American Idol - All Star ChallengeAmerican Idol - All Star Challenge
    Experience all the excitement of American Idol as you journey from Auditions, to Hollywood and onward to the Finals round of competition! With real television clips from the first four seasons, plus show questions and performance challenges, American Idol - All Star Challenge will transform your living room into the ultimate TV talent showdown! Test your Idol knowledge as you relive all the trials and tribulations, the victories and the heartbreaks that have made American Idol one of the hottest shows on television today.
  • AtmosFear - The Gatekeeper - DVD GameAtmosFear - The Gatekeeper - DVD Game
    This DVD game is frighteningly fun and different every time you play! An update of the popular role-playing VCR game, the object is to be the first to collect the 6 different keys and make it to the Well of Fears. As you move around the game board, the Gatekeeper acts as your DVD host -- and he is one cranky demon! If you take too long during your turn, be prepared to withstand a firestorm of insults and wisecracks. It's a ghoulish game of strategy, smarts and sarcasm! Comes with DVD, game board, 6 movers, 37 plastic keys, 6 key holders, deck of Fate cards, deck of Time cards, Well of Fears, game dice, and instructions. For 3-6 players, Ages 16 and Up.
  • Deal or No Deal DVD GameDeal or No Deal DVD Game
    Join Howie Mandel, the Money Girls and the Banker to play Deal or No Deal -- in your living room! Deal or No Deal is the TV game show phenomenon that has taken the country by storm! Now you can play the DVD version at home, any time you want! Players or teams take turns opening 26 silver cases (each with a different amount of money hidden inside) and receiving offers for their own case from the mysterious Banker. When the Banker makes an offer to buy your case, you'll need to answer Howie's question, "Deal or No Deal?" The fun, interactive DVD does all the work, so there's nothing for players to do except answer the one question: "Deal or No Deal?"
  • Elvis DVD GameElvis DVD Game
    Pay a tribute to the King of Rock n' Roll! Recapture and relive the life of Elvis Presley as you collect artifacts to create the greatest moments in Rock n' Roll history! Featuring authentic video footage, images and photos of Elvis that will take you from the Gates of Graceland to Heartbreak Hotel and will leave you All Shook Up!
  • Mad Gab Mania DVD GameMad Gab Mania DVD Game
    In Mad Gab, it's not what you say, it's what you hear. Read a group of simple words aloud to "hear" the answer. For example, say the words "Ask rude arrive her." Do you "hear" the answer? Try saying them again. Did you hear yourself say "A screwdriver"? Mad Gab Mania takes Mad Gab to a new level with visual and audio clues as well as 4 different challenges. Programmable Game Buzzers let teams compete head to head for exciting, quick play! Just pop in the Mad Gab Mania DVD, grab your Game Buzzers, and get ready to gab!
  • MGM Screen Test DVD GameMGM Screen Test DVD Game
    Tower over your friends as the ultimate movie mogul in this exciting game that has more movie trivia than any other DVD Game to date. Screen Test features hours of film clip fun with hundreds of questions spanning decades of films from the MGM library. Questions come from 6 different categories of movie trivia, each with 3 levels of difficulty. You may think you know your movies, but will you pass the Screen Test?
  • Monopoly - Tropical Tycoon DVD GameMonopoly - Tropical Tycoon DVD Game
    Own a piece of paradise with Monopoly Tropical Tycoon DVD game! Your object is to build the biggest fortune by buying, trading, renting, selling, and developing island properties. With this exotic version of Monopoly, players now have jobs: Mayor, Developer, Police Chief, Artist or Surfer. Each job comes with responsibly and benefits. The DVD brings the adventure to life and allows you to make decisions that change the course of the game! Land on a Chance or Community Chest space and go to the DVD for news broadcasts to get a news story or perhaps part of a continuing one. During the game, the Banker will announce auctions with the property going to the highest secret bid. You'll also be able to improve your properties and increase your fortune with beach houses, resorts, parks, piers, and casinos. The game ends when one player goes bankrupt!
  • Password DVD GamePassword DVD Game
    Who's the fastest at guessing the secret password? The classic word association game is back in a DVD edition! Players guess passwords and score points. One team member slips on the special glasses to see the secret password, then gives a one-word clue to help his teammate guess what it is. New DVD edition combines all the fun and excitement of the game show along with the strategy and interactivity that has made the home version the number 2 best selling word game of all time. Featuring retro reveal glasses to enable only the clue givers the ability to see the Password.
  • Quip It!Quip It!
    It's all in how you see it. Where does your mind go when you witness life's stranger than fiction moments? Find out when you play Quip It!, where players take turns trying to guess which player wrote which quip for bizarre pictures, unusual film clips and other on-screen oddities. The more right guesses you make, the more points you score and the more points you score, the better. Be spontaneous, be unpredictable, be edgy-it doesn't matter, so long as you Quip It! good. Includes 1 DVD, Round Score Board, 8 Scoring Tokens, Score Pad, Dry Erase Board and Pen, 8 Pencils, Answer Pad, and Set of Game instruction. For 2 or more players ages 13 and up.
  • Scene It - 80s Deluxe EditionScene It - 80s Deluxe Edition
    Relive the rad fads of Punk Rock, Fraggle Rock, Pop Rocks and more. Bursting with trivia and filled with 80s'themed on-screen challenges, this game packs in more 80s movie and music clips than a Betamax library! From the game pieces to the trivia cards, every aspect of Scene It? has been "80s-fied." The game begins with players choosing one of four collectible tokens to represent their team. Sculpted out of metal, these tokens have been modeled after some of the '80s' most recognizable cultural artifacts: a cassette tape, a joystick, a bulky handheld phone, and a keytar. The game board is collapsible and features two sizes, giving you the option of playing a 15-minute quick game or a 40-minute extended game.
  • Scene It - SquabbleScene It - Squabble
    Gals are you ready for that oxymoron known as Men's Culture? Guys are you man enough to handle a "Chick Flick?" Find out when you play Scene It - Squabble, the high-spirited game that decides which sex is truly the master of their own domain. "Do you know what Lip Venom is?" "What's the average PSI for most tires?" Couples will test their mental muscles through real movie and TV clips, visual puzzlers and trivia questions guaranteed to redefine your sense of sexual stereotypes. Fantastically clever and always unpredictable, Scene It - Squabble is an equal opportunity entertainer!
  • Scene It - Nick EditionScene It - Nick Edition
    Tune in to your Nick knowledge! SpongeBob, Drake, Josh, Jimmy Neutron and all your favorites are in this incredible DVD game. You don’t have to be a Nick head to have a blast with Scene It? Nick. On-screen challenges and show clips will test your powers of observation, memory and puzzle-solving skills. With more than 180 movie visuals and more than 1,000 questions it’s time to get your Nick on!
  • Scene It - Movie Travel EditionScene It - Movie Travel Edition
    Play Scene It anytime, anywhere with Scene It - Movie Travel Edition, the on-the-go movie trivia game! It's got all the fun of the original game in a compact travel tin that features real movie clips, trivia questions, and on-screen challanges from Hollywood's most popular films. Absolutely perfect for planes, trains, and automobiles! Includes DVD, On-screen Trivia Cards and Dice, 4 Magnetic Game Tokens, and Collectible Travel Tin/Game Board.
  • Scene It - Seinfeld EditionScene It - Seinfeld Edition
    How much do you know about the "show about nothing?" Find out with Scene It - Seinfeld Edition. Just pop in the DVD and stay tuned for tons of Seinfeld puzzlers, trivia questions, and clips from all nine seasons of the hit TV series. This deluxe edition includes bonus trivia cards loaded with catagories like The Details, The Dialogue, and The Yada Yada Yada! Race around the game board using the Seinfeld inspired collectible metal tokens. The Flextime game board can be folded for shorter games and Optreve technology randomizes movie clips for a different game every time you play!
  • Scene It - Sports EditionScene It - Sports Edition
    Put all those hours of watching ESPN and reading Sports Illustrated to good use with this interactive game that challenges your knowledge of sports trivia. Players pick a sporty token and move it around a reel-shaped board, answering questions all the way, in a quest to reach the board’s bulls-eye center and be named the ultimate jock. Answering questions correctly lets players move on while incorrect responses force players to end their turn. For variety, the trivia cards offer 1,100 questions divided into three types of challenges where players answer based on three provided clues; identify a team, athlete, statistic, or sporting event; or answer sports-related pop culture questions. The DVD features over 100 different sports clips and visuals, which are randomized so no two games are the same.
  • The Price Is Right - DVD GameThe Price Is Right - DVD Game
    Play America's most beloved TV Game Show... on your TV! Try your hand at Plinko, Cliffhangers, Safe Crackers, and live the thrill of spinning the big wheel in the Showcase Showdown! The DVD version of the Price is Right enables player to Come on Down and be a part of all the action and excitement of a real TV show contestant. The DVD features scenes from actual games shown on the hit game show, The Price is Right. Game comes with 1 DVD Game, 6 Price is Right wipe-off Bid Boards, 1 Bid-Board Markers, and Game Instructions.
  • Time Troopers DVD GameTime Troopers DVD Game
    From ancient to modern history, politics to pop culture, your family will have a blast exploring the past in Time Troopers. Hosted by John Cleese as Agent Wormold, experience fascinating video clips and reenactments such as a Wright brothers test flight or a hip-shaking Elvis. Then answer trivia questions about these and other momentous events on a mission to rediscover history!
  • Trivial Pursuit Saturday Night Live DVD GameTrivial Pursuit Saturday Night Live DVD Game
    This edition of Trivial Pursuit combines all the fun of the classic boardgame with the Emmy award-winning late-night comedy show Saturday Night Live to bring you and your friends even more trivia fun! So grab your favorite character, and get ready to answer over 2,000 questions (450 on DVD) in six categories including sketches, famous impressions, commercial parodies, characters, SNL etc, and the show. To win a scoring wedge, go to the DVD to answer an on-screen question. Get ready to relive the sketches, famous impressions and unforgettable characters from SNL while challenging your friends to see who knows the most about this classic comedy showcase. Please Note: A TV and DVD player are required to play this game.
  • Trivial Pursuit DVD For KidsTrivial Pursuit DVD For Kids
    Trivial Pursuit DVD For Kids is the hilarious game show you play at home! Join your hosts, Brad, Bobby, Mitch and Lewis for 12 hysterical episodes of head-to-head question-and-answer fun. Test your knowledge in 6 different categories. Answer the questions correctly and you collect a wedge. If you have the most wedges at the end of the game you win! Hurray!

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