Board Games Based On Movies

Movie GamesMovies and games are a natural fit, especially when so many films are based on board games, video games, and comic book characters, and many entire franchises, such as the popular Toy Story animated movies, are constructed around our cherished memories of childhood toys and games.

While some games are rather cynical tie-ins to the movies their based on, many others work well as standalone games, whether or not you've seen the movie their associated with.

Other movie-themed games actually build on the films, expanding characters, or perhaps placing familiar characters in new settings or situations. In these cases, the games and the movies actually improve each other, far more than if you'd only experienced one or the other.

And of course, there's also the whole sub-class of games, such as many trivia games and the DVD-based Scene It? games, that are built entirely on multiple movies, and test your knowledge of movie history.

Movie Board Games

Movie Board Games for Kids

Movie-Themed Playing Cards

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Movies Based on Board Games

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