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Axis & Allies"It is the spring of 1942. The world is at war. Five world powers are struggling for supremacy. You and your opponents control the military and economic destiny of one or more of these countries.... In this game, you'll discover that cooperation and negotiation are just as important as tactical maneuvering."

So begins the 32-page instruction manual for Axis & Allies. To win this complex strategy game, you must learn to be a master economist and a brilliant military strategist and tactician. The game board is a map of the world divided into the spheres of influence that existed at the height of World War II. Both the Axis and Allied powers are allotted combat forces and income, measured in Industrial Production Certificates (IPCs). You must manage your nation's economy and lead its military forces – air, land, and sea – into well-chosen battles. The intricacies of the game are carefully spelled out, as are the criteria each side must meet to become the victors. Contents include 299 detailed combat force playing pieces, IPCs, dice, markers and chips to chart each country's progress, and everything you need to change the course of history in under a day. For two to five players.

Axis and Allied variations focus in more detail on specific war theatres or specific battles. This is one of the best available strategy games.

Axis & Allies Games

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    Axis & Allies Links

    • Axis & Allies Official Home Page
      The official home page for the Axis & Allies games, from Wizards of the Coast, a subsidiary of Hasbro, which owns the Avalon Hill brand name (the Axis & Allies game was originally produced by Avalon Hill). This site offers news and information on all the games in the Axis & Allies series.
    • Axis and Allies Members Club
      One of the largest and best International Axis & Allies Clubs in the World. Includes chat, message board, rankings, downloads, strategy, and more on Axis and Allies board game by Milton Bradley! Axis and Allies Members Club has some of the greatest A&A players in the world, so come join our club, no waiting and it's free.
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      This is an unofficial site dedicated to the World War II boardgame, covering all of the Axis & Allies family of games including: Axis & Allies, Axis & Allies Europe, Axis & Allies Pacific, Axis & Allies D-Day, Axis & Allies Revised, Axis & Allies Miniatures. On this site you can find strategies, house rules, downloads, and active message forums.
    • Don's Axis and Allies Strategic Essays
      Don's A&A Essays and Strategy Gaming Public Forums - Dedicated to Achieving Player Competence and Expertise In "Axis & Allies".
    • International Axis and Allies Players Association
      The IAAPA is the oldest Axis and Allies Gaming Organization in the world. With many members looking for opponents you will always find someone with the time to play the game when you want to play. By playing games with other IAAPA members, you will not only be able to gauge your abilities against the best players in the world, but you will be rewarded for your achievements, improving your worldwide lifetime rank in a fair, friendly and competitive environment where the highest standards of conduct and gamesmanship are the rule.

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