Popomatic Trouble

Popomatic TroubleNeed an icebreaker? Want to work out some aggression without shin guards and helmets? Popomatic Trouble, Milton Bradley's classic race-and-chase game, is guaranteed to bring out your competitive side. Try to outstrip your opponents as you race your pawns around the colorful plastic board to safety. Should you have the good fortune to land on a space occupied by another player, you can send him reeling back to start, where he must wait for a six to pop up (literally) on the capricious dice bubble in the center of the board. Once liberated, your foe is free to reciprocate – now you're in Trouble.

The crystal ball on which the fates of all rest, a.k.a. the Popomatic Dice Bubble, is the genius behind this game, and is one reason it has become a classic. Encased in its bubble, the die never goes flying, rolls off the table, or gets lost. Simple to learn and exciting to play, Popomatic Trouble is a game that never loses its thrill. Popomatic Trouble is for two to four players.

Trouble Games

  • Pop-O-Matic TroublePop-O-Matic Trouble
    Trouble is the classic race-ahead, bump-back game with the Pop-o-matic die-rolling bubble! Pop the bubble and hop your pegs around the track. Land on an opponent's peg to bump it back home! But don't you get bumped back, or you're in Trouble! Keep poppin' and hoppin' to get all 4 of your pegs to the finish line first, and you win! Trouble includes plastic game unit with PopoMatic die roller, gameboard, 16 plastic playing pegs, and 4 rubber feet.
  • Pop-O-Matic Talking Big TroublePop-O-Matic Talking Big Trouble
    Getting into Trouble has never been this much fun! The game comes alive when you POP the bubble! the electronic talking bubble hands out the commands - discard a card, take one, you never know what's gonna come at ya! Follow along and see if you can steer clear from Double Trouble! The first player to lay down all of their cards is the winner. Featuring a POP-O-MATIC bubble with lights and sound effects, this game is bursting with action and attitude. Includes one die, bubble with colored lights and sounds, and deck of 50 cards. Requires 3 "AA" batteries, included. For 2-4 players.
  • Pop-O-Matic Trouble Fun On The Run EditionPop-O-Matic Trouble Fun On The Run Edition
    One of your favorite board games is now ready to hit the road! Give the Pop-O-Matic bubble a smack and hop your pegs around the track! Land on an opponent's peg and bump it back home. But don't get your pegs bumped back! Keep popping and hopping to get all 4 of your pegs to the finish line first to win this travel version of the kids favorite! Contains everything you need for family fun in the car, at home, in the office, or perhaps on a date. The classic shape-matching game features a built-in timer and storage compartment, and is sized just right for on-the-go fun!
  • R2-D2 Is In (Pop-o-Matic) Trouble!R2-D2 Is In (Pop-o-Matic) Trouble!
    Help Anakin Skywalker and C3PO race around the chamber to save R2D2 from the force field! Give the Pop-o-Matic bubble a pop to get Artoo on his feet! With Artoo's help, you can fly around the board at galactic speed, bring out another pawn to help you, or bump one of your opponents back before they do it to you! Be the first member of the Republic to get all four of your players to the FINISH area and you win!
  • Pop N' Drop PenguinsPop N' Drop Penguins
    In Pop N' Drop Penguins, you move your penguins around the board. Watch out they don't fall through the icy bridges! This classic "race and chase" game is fun for the whole family! Pop the game die to move your 4 colored penguins around the "icy" game board. If you manage to get them home first, you win the game. But, if they fall off the icy bridges, you'll have to start over again!
  • The Smurfs: Pop 'n' Race GameThe Smurfs: Pop 'n' Race Game
    Race through an exciting Smurfs adventure in this pop and move board game. The game die popper tells you how many spaces you can move around the game board. A 6 will let you take a mover out of home and on the track but watch out! If another player lands on you, they'll set you back. The first player to get all four of their movers home, wins!

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Trouble Links

  • Trouble Rules – Official rules to Trouble, from Hasbro, the publisher of the game. In PDF format. Also available in Spanish.
  • BoardGameGeek – Additional information about the game of Trouble, including photos.

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