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Adventure games are a popular genre of Strategy Games – who doesn't enjoy the idea of exploring the wild world, taking in new cultures, discovering forgotten civilizations, and earning fame and fortune by finding hidden treasures!

Strategy Adventure Games

  • AmazonasAmazonas
    It's the 19th Century, and you have come to the lush tropical jungles of the Amazon in search of rare plants and animals. You must explore the twisting paths and waterways, leading your expedition from one village to another. Each village offers an opportunity to establish a new outpost. But beware -- the Amazon is not for the timid!
  • Anno 1503Anno 1503
    Journey forth from the homeland, which produces wood, stone, tools and cloth, from which to build ships used in the acquisition of resources. Resources enable you to increase your population and develop your settlement into a city. Be prepared for pirates as you strive to aquire wealth and power. A game for 2-4 players. This game design is based upon the popular electronic game title, artfully executed by the master of Catan, Klaus Teuber.
  • BoomtownBoomtown
    There's gold in them hills! With that cry, prospectors race westward and Boomtowns are established - the gold rush in on! In Boomtown, you must compete with your fellow prospectors in a mad scramble to find fortune in gold - but watch out for highwaymen, card sharks and crooked politicians.
  • Bora BoraBora Bora
    Stake your fortunes in the mysterious island world of Bora Bora. Journey across islands, building huts where the resilient men and women of your tribes can settle, discovering fishing grounds and collecting shells. Send priests to the temples, and gather offerings to curry favor with the gods. In Bora Bora, players use dice to perform a variety of actions using careful insight and tactical planning. Each player rolls three dice at the start of the round, then they take turns placing one die at a time on one action. Three task tiles on a player's individual game board provide some direction as to what he might want to do, while god tiles allow for special actions and rule-breaking, as gods are wont to do. The player who best watches how the game develops and uses the most effective strategy will prevail.
  • Deadliest CatchDeadliest Catch
    Now you can be the captain of your all-time favorite Deadliest Catch ship: Time Bandit, Wizard, Northwestern, or Cornelia Marie and compete for the most red gold aka Alaskan King Crag. Survive the hazards of the Bering Sea as you race to drop your crab pots and return to port with the largest crab count. The board game that recreates all the winning show action! Game includes quad-fold game board, 18 navigation cards, 20 crab pots, 6 hazard chips, Coast Guard chip, and 4 ship markers.
  • Desert BazaarDesert Bazaar
    In the blistering heart of the desert a caravan route winds its way through a lush oasis. The steady stream of travelers and pilgrims who cross the simmering dunes to this place are in desperate need of goods and supplies. As an enterprising merchant you plan to meet the demand. Set up shop by building encampments stitching them together from various merchant tents; peddle camels water and other resources to expand your trade.
  • EntdeckerEntdecker
    Land Ho! After your journey through chartless seas, a crewman has sighted land! But what kind of land? Will there be pirates? or gold? Can you harvest the fruits of this jungle paradise? Resources are limited, so you must take care when selecting which route you will follow to victory. Will your courage hold long enough to secure your fame through exploration and discovery?
  • Forbidden DesertForbidden Desert
    In Forbidden Desert, you'll gear up for a thrilling adventure to recover a legendary flying machine buried deep in the ruins of an ancient desert city. Players take on the roles of brave adventurers who must throw caution to the wind and survive both blistering heat and blustering sand. You'll need to coordinate with your teammates and use every available resource if you hope to survive the scorching heat and relentless sandstorm. Find the flying machine and escape before you all become permanent artifacts of the Forbidden Desert!
  • Forbidden IslandForbidden Island
    On Forbidden Island four sacred and powerful treasures await discovery. Because of their potential to cause catastrophic damage if they fell into the wrong hands, their creators kept the treasures hidden on Forbidden Island and designed it to sink if intruders ever attempted to claim them. As one of the bold adventurers (each with his own special abilities to aid the mission) seeking out the four treasures, you must work cooperatively with your team members to breach the island's borders, capture the treasures, and make it out alive before Forbidden Island sinks!
  • Heart of AfricaHeart of Africa
    At the start of the 19th century Africa passed for being mysterious. Moreover, large parts of the so-called "dark continent" were still unexplored. At this point Heart of Africa starts. The two to five players each lead a trading company and try to make profits in Africa. Their limited resources are used to gain as many victory points as possible. In contrast to other games, Heart of Africa does not have a fixed game turn structure. At the start of each turn the players bid who may conduct it. Resources, conflict, different actions, traders, wholesale traders, and the reputation and influence of the players all are important in the game. Everything is integrated into a smooth and fast playing system. At the end of a turn a player counts his victory points. The game immediately ends if a player has scored a certain number of points.
  • Idol QuestIdol Quest
    In the middle of a jungle lake, a priceless Idol sits atop an ancient tower. Can your Explorer build a 3D path across the lake, seize the Idol and escape to a waiting boat before another player beats him to it -- or buries your Explorer under stone blocks? Idol Quest, the Strategy Game of Capture and Escape, incorporates visual perception, problem solving and creative thinking skills.
  • IliumIlium
    Archaeologist Heinrich Schliemann, has discovered the legendary city Ilium (ancient Troy). You assume the role of an archaeologist, who has been sponsored by artifact collectors, to acquire as many artifacts as possible. Travel along the game board from one dig site, to another, collecting as many artifact tokens as possible (artifact tokens include: Coins, Horses, Armbands, Bottles, and Helmets). By strategically placing teams in the most beneficial places, players stand to gain the upper hand. The player who accrues the most artifact tokens of each artifact type wins!
  • Journey to the Center of the EarthJourney to the Center of the Earth
    Descend deep into the interior of the earth, as you lead the three adventurers from Jules Vernes classic novel: Professor Lidenbrock, his nephew Axel and their guide Hans. On your journey, collect fossils both small and large, collect gold and overcome obstacles through the prudent acquisition and use of select equipment. Explore the many parts of the subterranean cavern; using equipment and luck are critical to overcoming the obstacles within your path.
  • MykerinosMykerinos
    1899. For more than a century, the European public has been fascinated by Egyptology and the discoveries of Denon, Champollion, Petrie and others. Seeking adventure and glory, teams of archaeologists search the sands of Egypt for hidden treasures. The players embody archaeologists working for patrons. They excavate the land of Egypt to find precious artifacts, which will adorn the most prestigious rooms of the Museum.
  • NiagaraNiagara
    Niagara is set in the not particularly safe world of rushing waterfalls. In the late 18th Century, the Shawnee and Iroquois Indians pointed white Desperadoes, Mercenaries and Adventurers in the direction of hidden caches of valuable jewels, in the hopes of turning them against one another and away from their territorial expansion ambitions. Players play as some of those Adventurers.
  • Pirate's CovePirate's Cove
    Come aboard and sail to Pirate's Cove... the legendary hideaway of thieving pirates and cutthroat buccaneers. The tales of those legendary pirates of old who've fought and survived these mysterious waters still haunt all those who yearn for a life at sea. Armed with a secret map and starting with a modestly outfitted sloop salvaged from last winter's storm, you set sail to Pirate's Cove -- your eyes filled with visions of treasure and fame, your lungs filled with the salty air of the High Seas.
  • PlunderPlunder
    Having buried and protected your ill-gotten booty, it's time to send your crew to search for the treasures of the other scurvy pirates. Collect clues as you piece together the maps. Figure out the correct islands, disarm the booby-traps and dig at the right landmarks. Steal their treasures and be the first to take your Plunder! Plunder is a deduction card game in which everyone is a pirate captain with a buried treasure. The first player to a treasure takes the largest share, while those who reach it second or third receive less. Keeping your treasure from being stolen is also worth victory points in the end. Find and steal the most treasures first to win in the end!
  • Relic RunnersRelic Runners
    In Relic Runners, players follow trails across the jungle board map as they explore stacks of temples and ruins, ultimately hoping to uncover precious relics and earn victory points. Players work to efficiently manage their resources: building pathways; making sure to carry sufficient rations; and expanding their explorer's toolbox to help them explore, resupply, take additional actions, and score bonuses. Skillful planning will lead to a successful expedition as they travel their pathways to capture valuable relics.
  • RuinRuin
    Race to the center of an ancient Mayan city in search of fame, glory, and fortune in Ruin. Ruin is played on an unpredictable and interchangeable three dimensional game board. Players can change the path on every turn with game cards that actually insert directly into the game board. You might be on the road to victory until an opponent decides to change the path and thwart your progress. After a card is changed, all pawns must react to their new spaces immediately, so strategic planning is critical. Should you stay on your offensive trek, or try to turn the tables and focus on hindering your opponents efforts? Move both of your pawns up the final steps and into the treasure chamber at the center of the board to win!
  • Terra NovaTerra Nova
    Players lead nations in this new world where the most valuable resource is the land itself. The clever system of movement and boundary-building gives you the tools you need. However, it is your strategic vision which will ultimately decide whether or not you will rule Terra Nova. Contains game board, 88 border stones, 44 pioneer playing pieces, and 4 scoring counters. For 2-4 players. Ages 13 and up.
  • Valley Of The PharaohsValley Of The Pharaohs
    Egypt 1926. The Valley of the Pharaohs holds many secrets, but none so great as the Scepter of Amun-Ra. In this grand adventure you play a character tasked with collecting the legendary Scepter. As you make your way to the Valley of the Pharaohs you will face desert bandits, blinding sandstorms and the ill wishes of your fellow players. But safe haven and good fortune can be found within the oasis of the friendly Bedouin. If you're feeling lucky you can spin the Wheel of Fate. Collect resources to overcome obstacles or lay obstacles to hinder your opponents. Roll doubles and you control the mummy, but beware no one masters the mummy for long. Valley of the Pharaohs comes packaged in an authentic wooden book-box and is played on a beautifully illustrated map of Egypt. Cast metal playing pieces, metal coins and individual character cards provide rich context and detail to this exciting game of fortune and peril. For 2-6 players. Ages 8 and Up.

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