Adult Board Games

The following board games are intended for adults. They're mostly "naughty" as opposed to explicit, but they're definitely not for children. Many of these are intended to be played by couples in the privacy of their own bedroom, but some are party games, where suggestion, innuendo, and double entendres are part of the titillating fun!

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Games For Couples, Parties, and Consenting Adults

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Other Adult Games

  • 100 Great Sex Games For Couples
    Michael Webb, known as "Oprah's Love Expert", teaches people how to have fulfilling and successful relationships that last a lifetime. He's found that playing games together increases intimacy and intensifies passion, and he's created 100 games that couples can play together to energize their relationship. Also available in Spanish.
  • Frisky Business
    Why play the same old games when you can make your own adult board game for erotic fun? Laughing and playing together keeps you both happy, which of course leads to some great sex. Spice it up!
  • Frisky Foreplay Games
    Banish bland boring sex from your relationship, and add more intimacy, variety, pleasure and fun into your sex life with these hot foreplay games for couples.
  • Going Down Getting Off Game
    Add more intimacy, variety, pleasure and fun into your sex life with this amazing foreplay game. Spice up your sex life tonight!

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Last Update: May 30th, 2013