Board Game Links

The following is a collection of general board gaming links, including rules, portals, magazines, history, and much more. There are a lot of great board game web sites out there, so enjoy exploring!

  • A Spotlight on Games
    Illuminating the world of board and card games, with reviews, analysis, and more.
  • Board/Card Games
    Erik Arneson is your host at's mini-site, which features news and reviews about all types of board and card games, both traditional and modern.
    This site promotes public awareness of abstract strategy games and serves as a tool for the true game preservationist, and also as a stage for game inventors and designers who wish to display their creations.
  • Board Game Capital
    Board Game Capital offers fun board game facts, images, ideas and more. Covers both traditional and non-traditional board games.
  • Board Games at
    Enjoy learning about board games, classic games, online games, the fun of Family Game Night and more.
  • BoardgameGeek Database
    A wonderful resource for board game enthusiasts, this site features user-contributed board game descriptions. The game descriptions often include pictures of the game, reviews, session reports, and links.
  • is your source for board game reviews, board game news, gaming articles, game previews, game conventions and local events, board game forums, and more!
    Board game and card game info, pictures, editorial and user-submitted reviews, game breakdowns, instructions, and more!
  • Boardgames Australia
    Boardgames Australia is a non-profit organisation whose mission is to stimulate the growth and raise the profile of boardgaming in Australia.
    Provides general boardgame links, as well as links to specific board game information -- racing games, sports games, strategy games, war games, online games, game designers, etc.
  • Brett and Board
    A Danish site with English news on German games. Mik Svellov's translations of news about the vast German games market - specifically board games and non-traditional card games. Also board game magazine, rules, and a nice selection of links.
  • Critical Gamers
    Critical Gamers provides board game news and reviews: "CriticalGamers was founded as an emotional outlet to share gaming experiences and to report on gaming-news regarding upcoming products, variants, and other under-the-radar gaming titles."
  • D'Antiques Used Board Game Resources
    Lots of information on antique and collectible board games, including a great picture/description database, links, and rules.
  • Darwin's Game Closet
    A vast collection of rules to traditional and commercial games, including board games, card games, dice games, party games, word games, and more.
  • Discover Games
    Discover Games is the Internet's largest game promotion community - a resource for inventors to show their board games to retailers and game lovers. Discover Games will allow you to show your game(s) at game shows/conventions, be part of mailings to catalog houses, media and retailers, network with other Independent Designers and much more.
  • Game Caravan
    This site is devoted to guiding you to fun and adventure with all things relating to games, board games, online games, PC games, and PBEM games including: history, military, railroads, movies, books, and more.
  • Game Rule Cabinet
    An excellent source for rules to commercial games such as Aggravation, Candy Land, Monopoly, Pay Day, Sorry, Uno, and many, many more.
  • GamesForEducators
    Provides resources for parents, teachers and librarians to promote games in education and to help enrich the learning process for both teachers and students.
  • Luding
    The board game database - a huge collection of information, history, and reviews of all types of board games.
  • Nerd World Board Game Resources
    A large index of board game related internet resources created by Nerd World Media. In addition to general board game links, the site also includes sections for Chess, Card Games, and Internet Games.
  • Off the Wall Boardgames
    Off the Wall Boardgames offers you access to an overview of each game, the rules and a special page for each boardgame with a board layout and pieces, designed to print onto A4 sheets.
  • The Board Game Locator
    A collection of board game links, including links to sites that sell board games, board game information sites, board game rules, and more.
  • The Game Cabinet
    A monthly magazine covering board and card games with an emphasis on the European games scene. Each issue features reviews, original games, surveys of traditional games, and rule translations for new Eurogames.
  • The Game Whisperer
    The Game Whisperer provides insight and analysis of the board game industry.
  • The Games Journal
    A monthly web-based publication concerned primarily with boardgames. It provides a forum for articles about boardgaming and reviews of specific games. It also features rules to a number of games, and archives of the publication going back to July 2000. It pays special attention to games that might have been overlooked or under-promoted, especially games that are German in origin.
  • The Online Guide to Traditional Games
    This website provides history, useful links and current information about traditional games from around the world. It is produced for the edification of others in the original spirit of the Internet. Topics include Board Games, Table Games, Pub Games, Lawn Games, and Dice, Card, and Tile Games.

Last Update: May 26th, 2011