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Recent Board Game Reviews

  • A Study in Emerald – "I like a lot of what is going on in A Study in Emerald, and the shortcomings can be overcome with time."
  • Capo Dei Capi – "Easy to teach and learn and features interesting decisions and gameplay"
  • Concordia – "A very well designed, interesting, and (most importantly) fun board game"
  • Dungeon Dwellers – "A fantasy adventure card game that requires strategy, cooperation, and cunning"
  • Euphoria: Build a Better Dystopia – "A beautiful, worker placement game that is quick and easy to play"
  • Jungle Ascent: Race to the treasure – "A fun family board game that young and old can enjoy together"
  • Serpent Stones –"An interpretation of an ancient game believed to have been played by the Aztecs over 600 years ago"
  • Start 11 – "A light, painless affair that serves as a nice, pleasant family game"
  • Time Barons – "Happens to be one of the greatest two-player games that I've ever played
  • Viticulture – "Definitely stands out as one of my favorites, and one I intend to keep bringing to the table"

Recent Board Game Releases

  • Corporate America – A political satire game about corporate influence of government
  • Relic Runners – Players follow trails across the jungle board map as they explore stacks of temples and ruins

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