"Murder Mystery Party" Games

  • Murder Mystery Party - A Murder On The GrillMurder Mystery Party - A Murder On The Grill
    It's 1959, when rock and roll and hula-hoops were all the rage. A barbecue is being hosted by Tom Dooley, who meets an untimely end during his shindig. The guests (players) are now all suspects. Could it be Ivan Spudnik, the Russian rocket scientist, or maybe Chubby Cheddar, the hit rock 'n' roll musician with a secret? Somebody put a barbecue fork through car dealer Tom Dooley, and that somebody is at your dinner party. Bepuzzled's popular Murder a La Carte series makes your home the scene of the crime with a complete 1950's murder mystery that places your guests as the chief suspects. Only one of them knows for sure who put the fork in Dooley. Six to eight friends play roles from a sexy divorcee to greaser Johnny Angel, with plenty of scripts and suggestions on how to ham it up. The set includes an audiotape guide, background booklets for each player, special clues (including mysterious checks and blackmail letters), and anything else you need for an evening of unpredictable fun. There are even party invitations and tasty recipes.
  • Murder Mystery Party - Honky Tonk HomicideMurder Mystery Party - Honky Tonk Homicide
    Don't mess with Texas - somebody rubbed out a redneck! The body of Bubba Angus was found in his bar in Cactus, TX. Now the bar regulars and trailer park townies must find the murderer among them. Was it barmaid Crystalline Daniels or bingo addict Twlya Fleetwood? Maybe it was biker Rowdy Lawless. In a town full of double lives, torrid affairs, and alien abductions, everyone's a suspect. This mystery dinner game has everything you need to host a rip roarin' night of murder, mystery ... and Miracle Whip! Comes with 10 character booklets (8 suspects and 2 non-suspects), 10 party invitations and envelopes, 10 player nametags, 14 crime scene clues, and a party planning booklet that includes decorating and music suggestions along with 2 different dinner menus from appetizer to dessert. For 8 to 10 Players, Ages 16 and Up.
  • Murder Mystery Party - Murder at Mardi GrasMurder Mystery Party - Murder at Mardi Gras
    It's Mardi Gras in New Orleans and the Krewe of Midas is holding their annual masquerade ball. As you would expect from the most exclusive and elite Krewe in New Orleans, it will be an evening of gowns, glamour, gossip, and murder! Old scores are settled and family secrets are exposed when Pierre DuPre, the King of the Krewe, is murdered. The party guests must work together to determine who strangled the Mardi Gras King with a priceless vintage necklace. Did the Magnolia queen and her Cajun fiance conspire to kill the old man and inherit his millions? Was it his next door neighbor, the eccentric gothic novelist? Or perhaps it was the French maid who knew too much about the millionaire of the Garden District. Get your costumes together, put on your Mardi Gras beads, refill your Hurricane glass, and help solve a Big Mystery in "The Big Easy!"
  • Murder Mystery Party - Pasta Passion & PistolsMurder Mystery Party - Pasta Passion & Pistols
    Put on your own mystery dinner theater: murder's on the menu, and everyone's a suspect in this grownup game for six to eight players. The game includes everything you need to serve up mystery, murder, and fun: a shopping list, menus, and recipes by cookbook author Sandra Gluck; eight party invitations and envelopes; place cards; secret clues; and, best of all, a murder mystery to solve. Invite your friends to dress up and play the roles of the devious suspects (each with his or her own character booklet with roles and background info): Rocco Scarfazzi, Mama Rosa, Marco Roni, Bo Jalais, Angel Roni, Tara Misu, Father Al Fredo, and Clair Voyant. Serve up a meal or light snack, play the (included) cassette tape with its introduction, summary of events, and solution to the crime. Find out who killed New York restaurateur Pepi Roni, and why. Everyone's a suspect when murder is on the menu.
  • Murder Mystery Party - Lethal LuauMurder Mystery Party - Lethal Luau
    Aloha. On the island paradise of Hawaii, private detective Chase Diamond meets an untimely end at his luau birthday party. Make your next dinner party memorable by hosting a Hawaiian murder mystery. Your guests will include Holly Day, the vacationing wife of a billionaire, scuba diving instructor Rip Tide and New York fashion model Nadia Seymour, among others. Someone has poisoned a private detective, and there is no shortage of suspects! This mystery dinner party game has everything you need, including printed invitations and placecards, full profiles of all the characters, dialogue for different "scenes" in the mystery, a Compact Disc with and introduction, summary of events, and the solution to the crime, and even recipes for an authentic Hawaiian meal! For 6 to 8 players.
  • Murder Mystery Party - 'Til Death Do Us PartMurder Mystery Party - 'Til Death Do Us Part
    Serve up murder, mayhem, and dinner for you and your friends in this murder mystery dinner party. Join Grand Cayman Island's high society for the social event of the season as Blaine Barnacle, Grand Cayman's most eligible bachelor is tying the knot with the beautiful, enchanting, and oh so mysterious Bitsy Fleecer. When Bitsy's body is found in the wine cellar of the Wedding Bells Reception hall, the wedding guests are forced to solve the mystery themselves, before the police and the tabloid reporters arrive to expose all of their dirty little secrets. Game comes complete with party planner, invitations, name tags, dinner place cards, and costume and menu suggestions. For 8 suspects plus 2 optional non-suspect characters. Ages 16 and up.

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