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Strategy War GamesMany traditional board games, such as chess and checkers, are often considered to be "war in disguise" – involving "capturing" and "defeating" your opponent – so strategy board games with battle and war themes are a natural fit. War has shaped human civilizations since the dawn of history, and these games allow us to explore wars both ancient and modern.

Featured War Games

  • Axis and AlliesAxis and Allies
    A game of strategy and luck with a WWII theme. Join the side of the Axis and re-write history, or lead the Allies to victory over Germany and Japan. Attack the enemy by land, sea and air and occupy capital cities to end the war.
  • Memoir '44Memoir '44
    Memoir '44 is a unique historical game where players command a horde of little plastic Army men facing-off in dozens of World War II battles on an oversized hex game board. Each battle scenario mimics the historical terrain, troop placements and objectives of each army.
  • RiskRisk
    The classic game of military stratagy. You and your opponents are battling to control 42 global territories. Play the regular game, or try variations like Capital Risk or Secret Mission Risk. Rules for all variations included.
  • StrategoStratego
    The gameboard is your battlefield. You have an army of men and six bombs at your disposal. Capture your opponent's flag and protect your own in this classic game of battlefield strategy!

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