Trivia Games

  • SceneIt?SceneIt?
    Enjoy scenes from your favorite movies as you and your friends race around the game board. Pop the Scene It DVD into your player and set up the unique FlexTime board for a long or short game. Then watch movie clips on your TV and answer questions about films, scenes, actors, famous lines, and more. Metal game pieces include popcorn, film reel and movie camera. Get to the Winner's Circle, correctly answer the Final Cut question, and win!
  • Trivial PursuitTrivial Pursuit
    Everybody's favorite trivia game, which tests your recollection categories such as People & Places, Arts & Entertainment, History, Science & Nature, Sports & Leisure, and Wild Card. The object of the game is to move along a circular track by answering questions, and to collect colored wedges for correct answers. Available in numerous editions, including Trivial Pursuit Genus IV, Trivial Pursuit Genus V, Trivial Pursuit Junior, Know-It-All Edition, Biographies Edition, Warner Brothers Edition, and more.
  • FactOrCrapFactOrCrap
    In this fast-paced knowledge trivia game, your aim is to dazzle the opposition with how much you know (or don't know) about the world we live in. From the day-to-day, to the truly bizarre, this truly entertaining game requires everyone playing to ask one simple, but very important question: is it a Fact, or is it Crap? You'll dazzle your friends with your limitless knowledge about the world we live in as you collect tokens for every correct answer. Watch out for the madcap Rush Hour where you can earn double points (if you can stop laughing long enough to answer the questions). So put on your thinking cap and get ready to play!
  • MindtrapMindtrap
    Mindtrap's more than 500 riddles, mysteries, and trick questions will have you scratching your head as you puzzle out the answers. Two teams of one or more players try to out-reason each other as they respond to questions correctly and roll the die to advance around the score pad, which features entwined chains of light and dark squares that form an optical illusion. Play a long round or short, at home or in the car, or just tease your own brain by reading through the questions. Available versions include Mindtrap 1, Mindtrap 2, and Mindtrap 10th Anniversary Edition.

Other Trivia Games

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