Trivial Pursuit

Trivial PursuitEverybody's favorite trivia game that asks questions like: What barnyard animal gets sunburned? What color is lobster blood? What part of an elephant has 100,000 muscles? You'll surprise yourself and your friends with what you know! Test your recollection in these categories:

  • People & Places
  • Arts & Entertainment
  • History
  • Science & Nature
  • Sports & Leisure
  • Wild Card

In Trivial Pursuit, players answer questions in order to progress around the board, attempting to be the first to complete each of the six categories, and win the game.

Number Of Players: 2 or more
Recommended Ages: 9 and up

Trivial Pursuit Games

  • Trivial Pursuit - Bet You Know ItTrivial Pursuit - Bet You Know It
    Trivial Pursuit - Bet You Know It brings high stakes to Trivial Pursuit. On each turn you'll bet whether your opponent knows the answer to the clue. Guess correctly and you can use your chips to buy wedges, or you can earn wedges on your turn by answering questions. More than 1,780 questions on Geography, Entertainment, History, Art & Literature, Science & Nature, and Sports & Leisure are included. Collect six wedges (one of each color) and answer a final question to win Trivial Pursuit - Bet You Know It!
  • Trivial Pursuit Digital ChoiceTrivial Pursuit Digital Choice
    Your trivia, your choice! With this new twist on trivia, a digital card deck allows you to control what content you play with for every experience. Customize your game for each occasion or go online to get even more content and categories. Easily portable. Requires three "LR03" batteries, not included.

    Customize your favorite trivia game by downloading your own questionsPlay your favorite trivia game the way you've always played but read questions off an electronic unit instead of cardsThe unit includes 600 pre-loaded questions from classic categories of Trivial PursuitGo to and download up to 1800 questions from over 100 micro categories of your choice at no additional chargeYou will never have to repeat a question. Includes USB cable, 36 scoring wedges, 6 scoring tokens 1 gameboard 1 die and instructions

  • Trivial Pursuit TeamTrivial Pursuit Team
    It's faster, friendlier, and way more fun! This next-generation Trivial Pursuit proudly introduces a totally different way to play your favorite trivia game. Six exciting question styles include: Multiple Choice; Name Six; Are you the Expert? Choose your team and choose your questions for faster play. Play in teams or compete head-to-head. The new features will get you talking and keep you playing.
  • Trivial Pursuit: Rolling Stones Collector's EditionTrivial Pursuit: Rolling Stones Collector's Edition
    It's Only Rock 'n Roll...but you'll like it in this Rolling Stones Collector's Edition of Trivial Pursuit. For the first time ever, one of the most legendary rock 'n roll bands teams up with America's favorite trivia game so fans of all ages can get some satisfaction by showing off all they know about the Rolling Stones. With over 2,000 questions from six categories covering the band's history, music, accomplishments and more, there's enough trivia for fans of all levels. So get your friends and neighbors together for a game you'll want to play 'til the whip comes down! Game includes custom die and playing pieces featuring the iconic tongue and lip logo.
  • Trivial Pursuit Pop Culture DVD GameTrivial Pursuit Pop Culture DVD Game
    It's Trivial Pursuit for the 21st Century! Experts on the truly trivial will appreciate a game dedicated solely to popular culture. The objective of this game is the same as all other Trivial Pursuit games: to be the first to collect all the pie wedges. Only this time, the categories are Television, Movies, Music, Sports/Games, Fads and Buzz. Players answer questions from the cards just like traditional Trivial Pursuit games, but move to audio-visual questions from the DVD when going for the pie wedges. Comes with 2,400 card questions and a DVD with 600 DVD questions, pie wedges, pie wedge pieces, game board, and game instructions. For 2 – 6 adult players or teams.
  • Trivial Pursuit Pop Culture 2 DVD GameTrivial Pursuit Pop Culture 2 DVD Game
    With Trivial Pursuit - DVD Pop Culture Edition 2, the world's most popular trivia game comes to life on your TV! This second edition features clips from popular TV shows, commercials, and movie scenes, as well as questions about your favorite songs, hot gossip, and popular fads. Travel around the gameboard answering the questions, then go to the DVD to answer an on-screen question to win a scoring wedge. It's everything you love about the Trivial Pursuit game combined with the topics you love to talk about - brought to life on DVD! This edition features over 2000 all-new questions in 6 cool categories.
  • Trivial Pursuit Saturday Night Live DVD GameTrivial Pursuit Saturday Night Live DVD Game
    This edition of Trivial Pursuit combines all the fun of the classic boardgame with the Emmy award-winning late-night comedy show Saturday Night Live to bring you and your friends even more trivia fun! So grab your favorite character, and get ready to answer over 2,000 questions (450 on DVD) in six categories including sketches, famous impressions, commercial parodies, characters, SNL etc, and the show. To win a scoring wedge, go to the DVD to answer an on-screen question. Get ready to relive the sketches, famous impressions and unforgettable characters from SNL while challenging your friends to see who knows the most about this classic comedy showcase. Please Note: A TV and DVD player are required to play this game.
  • Trivial Pursuit Totally 80's EditionTrivial Pursuit Totally 80's Edition
    How 80s are you? Find out as we bring back the most outrageous decade filled with big events, bigger fads and over-the-top personalities. We've crammed them all into this way-cool edition of Trivial Pursuit Totally 80s. The first lady told kids to 'just say no' while the upwardly mobile preferred to 'do lunch.' Music was a major influence, with Live Aid raising money for famine relief and Cats raising whiskers on Broadway. Millions tuned in to find out who shot J.R., and others watched with relief as a baby was rescued from the well. The decade was loud, neon-splashed and full of excess. But it was Totally 80s. Welcome back!
  • Trivial Pursuit - The Nightmare Before Christmas EditionTrivial Pursuit - The Nightmare Before Christmas Edition
    Reveal your inner Pumpkin King with Trivial Pursuit - The Nightmare Before Christmas Collector's Edition! Show your knowledge of the famous Tim Burton movie answering over 400 questions ranging in difficulty from easy to medium to hard. Categories include Trick or Treat, Songs, Behind the Scenes, Pumpkin King, Christmas Town, and Halloween Town.
  • Trivial Pursuit Lord Of The Rings Movie Trilogy EditionTrivial Pursuit Lord Of The Rings Movie Trilogy Edition
    Fans of the Lord of the Rings triology of films will enjoy this special edition of Trival Pursuit. It features classic Trivial Pursuit game play with 1800 The Lord of the Rings questions based on the movie trilogy, including topics like the Battle of Helm's Deep to Rivendale. Test your knowledge of this now-classic film series with friends and family. Answer correctly to collect all the wedges in your pie. Then race to the center of the gameboard to win. Includes 4 collectible pewter tokens and special advanced fan gameplay rules.
  • Trivial Pursuit DVD For KidsTrivial Pursuit DVD For Kids
    The head-scratching, wedge-earning, super smash hit trivia game has a great new DVD version just for the kids! This game is packed with fun trivia challenges...all for kids...and all on DVD! Match wits with the game's wacky cast members Mitch, Brad, Bobby, and Lewis as they take you through the instructions and each question. This excellent trivia game crafted just for the youngsters will have them laughing and playing for hours! Just insert the DVD, and you're ready to play! For 2 to 6 players or teams ages 6 and up.
  • Trivial Pursuit Singles - R & RTrivial Pursuit Singles - R & R
    Take your trivia on the go with Trivial Pursuit Singles. Trivial Pursuit Singles - R & R has 600 questions about rest and relaxation! Categories include Fun & Games, Dinner & Drink, Apps & Snacks, Chillin' & Thrillin', Travel Spots, and Party Occasions. To play, just roll the special die to decide a category color. Another player takes the front card and reads you the question from that category. If you answer correctly, you get to roll the die again to go for a 'Wedge' question. If you get that question right, you get to keep the card. If not, your turn is over. The first player to collect six cards wins this bite size version of Trivial Pursuit!

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