LudoLudo is a simplified version of the Ancient Indian game of Pachisi, in which you race around a track on the game board, attempting to block your opponents while moving your markers to the goal. The game was introduced into Britain in the late 1800's, and remains popular there.

The game may be played by two to four players, each using four game pieces. Each piece enters from one of the four corners of the board, and proceeds around the board based on the roll of a die. A player may only enter the board when they roll a one or six. Any roll of a six yields a bonus roll. Pieces are captured when another player lands on a space occupied by another piece, and the previous occupant is sent back to the starting point. The object to to be the first to move all your pieces from the starting corner to your home base.

American counterparts include Parcheesi, Sorry, and Trouble.

Ludo Games

  • Wooden Ludo SetWooden Ludo Set
    This quality Ludo set comes with a brightly colored, solid wooden game board, painted wooden playing pieces and a wooden dice. A great game for two to four players, the game advances as the players move their four pegs from the start to finish according to dice rolls, racing to get all pieces exactly in the home column of their color. Several fun variations exist worldwide that add regional flavor to this Game of all Games.

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Ludo Links

  • Ludo Rules
    Rules to the game of Ludo, as reprinted from an old game. From the excellent Game Cabinet Rules site.
  • LudoGame
    LudoGame is a Flash-based version of the family game of Ludo (AKA Parcheesi). It's played by 2-to-4 people, and the object is to move all your pawns around the board from the start area to the goal area.
  • Parcheesi Online
    An online version of the Parcheesi game, from, the web site where you can play the more interesting board and Spanish card games with other people on the net.
  • PlayOK Ludo
    PlayOK offers free online games that you can play right from your browser, with no download required. [Java]

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See Also: Parcheesi, Sorry, Trouble

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