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The products featured on this site are collected from a number of online merchants, chosen for their wide selection, fair prices, easy ordering, and excellent customer service. Board Game Central is not responsible for stocking products, handling your payment, or shipping products to you. If you have a question about your order, please contact the appropriate merchant's customer service department. Merchants featured on this site include:

  • has the world's largest selection of books, games, music, software, DVDs, videos, tools, electronics, and much more. Product description text for Amazon products is copyright [Customer Service]
  • Are You Game is a great place to find familiar and obscure board games, card games, party games, dice games, electronic games, family games, kids games, trivia games, word games, and much more. [Customer Service]
  • Chesshouse is a great place to find all kinds of chess games, chess supplies, and chess educational materials. [Customer Service]
  • Funagain Games is the world's most comprehensive source for the latest and best new and recycled European and domestic board games, featuring thousands of titles, including many hard-to-find and out-of-print games. [Customer Service]
  • Register Now features all sorts of software, including games, utilities, applications. [Customer Service]
  • RegSoft features all sorts of software, including games, utilities, applications. [Customer Service]

Other merchants may also be added or removed from time to time; visit their web sites for customer service info. Product description text is provided by merchants, manufacturers, and publishers, and is copyright by the respective source.

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Most of the products and advertisements listed on Board Game Central are through an affiliate relationship with the online merchant, in which Board Game Central may be compensated.

Affiliating With Board Game Central

If you represent an online merchant whose products appear to be a good fit for this site – that is, products or services related to board games of any type – please contact us.

Board Game Central is also open to other types of advertising and partnership relationships. If you have an idea, please feel free to write.

Advertising on Board Game Central

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Last Update: September 15th, 2012