Board Game Buzz, June 17, 2013

Board Game Buzz

Here is the latest board games news and reviews, for the week of June 17th, 2013:

New Scrabble World Record

From the BBC:

Scrabble"An international Scrabble champion is thought to have broken the record for playing the greatest number of simultaneous games. Chris May, 29, a musicology student at the University of Oxford, played 28 games, each against a different opponent, at the same time. To claim the record he needed to win at least 75% of the games played. He won 25 out of 28 games (89%) in just over four hours." [link]

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Argh! Game Review

Father Geek brings us a review of Argh!:

Argh!"Argh! has a lot going for it that will most certainly appeal to the Child Geeks and to the Parent Geeks, as well. The game would appear to be very family friendly, easy to learn, easy to play, and quick. That's pretty much everything a Child and Parent Geek could ask for. For the Gamer Geeks, I doubt this will get much attention. It's too random, lacks depth, and depends a great deal on good old-fashioned luck." [link]

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Quarantine Review

Dale Yu of Opinionated Gamers provides a review of Quarantine:

Quarantine"Running a hospital is hard work. Not only do you have to design your complex and compete with other hospitals, but you have patients that keep showing for treatment. Also, watch out for contagions that can really ruin your day. In a game of quarantine, each player starts with a simple hospital lobby and four treatment rooms; one each of green, red, blue, and yellow. Each treatment room can cure a patient of that that specific color. There is a lot to like in this game. For me, Quarantine is a keeper and one that can easily be played by casual gamers who just want to have a good time and think a little." [link]

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Ristorante Italia Review

Another Opinionated Gamers review, this one of Ristorante Italia, where players try to create mouth-watering dishes that will lure customers and excite food critics:

Ristorante Italia"The theme of Ristorante Italia is delightful. The concept of selecting recipes and purchasing the ingredients to complete them is fun. Sadly, the game has numerous problems. The scoring rounds can be rather fiddly and the rules are a bit confusing. I must reluctantly give the game a thumbs-down. I certainly give it good marks for theme and concept, but its absence of tension and problems with the Cook-o-Meter progression are just too much to overcome." [link]

Morels Game Review

Play Board Games clues us in on Morels:

Morels"Morels is a two-player card game of set collection. You must gather matching mushrooms and cook them. The more you have the more you score but some are rarer and score you more points. The art, cards and rules for this game are great. The rules are easy to read and follow with lots of examples. And the art and quality of the components are top-notch too. Morels is full of tough decisions. There are some rounds where the best choice is obvious, but more often you'll need to make some tough judgements. It keeps the game tense and really pulls you in." [link]

Notable Quote

"Playing 'bop' is like playing Scrabble with all the vowels missing."
 ~ Duke Ellington

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