Backgammon Books

BackgammonBackgammon is a game of chance and skill for two players, played on a game board marked with twenty-four alternatively-colored triangles, called "points".

Check out this comprehensive collection of Backgammon books, including rule books, tutorials, and strategy guides for one of the world's most popular strategy board games.

Backgammon Books

  • Backgammon Games and StrategiesBackgammon Games and Strategies
    Backgammon Games and Strategies is written to fill a void: the almost total absence of information on backgammon games, other than basic Hit, usually called backgammon in the West. The authors find it incredible that Gioul, Plakoto and Moultezim still remain a well-kept secret among backgammon connoisseurs. Gioul is the most fun-filled game played on the board because every dice throw is a surprise. Plakoto is without doubt the king of backgammon games. Moultezim is a serious game for the purist, the consummate space strategist. Players who are unaware of these games are not really fulfilled. Backgammon Games and Strategies, illustrated with more than 300 diagrams, illustrations and exercises, aims to change all that, and turn all casual players into full-fledged backgammon experts.
  • Improve Your BackgammonImprove Your Backgammon
    Improve Your Backgammon is the ideal book for those looking to advance from the basics and build a better understanding of the intricacies of backgammon. In this book, ex-British champion Paul Lamford follows on from his earlier book, Starting Out in Backgammon, to develop further the strategies needed to master this fascinating game. A revolutionary layout allows readers to absorb the key ideas; numerous test positions are covered to help you gauge your progress; Paul explains how strong backgammon players deal with typical problems.
  • The Backgammon HandbookThe Backgammon Handbook
    Backgammon can be played as an enjoyable game of chance or an intellectually challenging contest of strategy. It has fascinated players for over five thousand years and is increasingly popular today with people of all ages. The Backgammon handbook is the most comprehensive study of the game available. The ideal companion for players of every ability. It explains the rules and game strategies, including advanced play, top match situations, tests and analyses. 350 board diagrams illustrate the text.
  • Backgammon For WinnersBackgammon For Winners
    Bill Robertie did not become two-time backgammon world champion and one of the greatest players of all time by pursuing a conservative game. He calls his style "dynamic backgammon" and he teaches it in this book, aiming his lessons at the raw beginner as well as experienced players. He starts at the very beginning--setting up the board--and takes the reader through his approach to every element of play. It's an approach that pays off, as his championship record shows. The book is rich with clear diagrams and explanations, with three sample games that illustrate his points well.
  • How Good Are You at Backgammon?How Good Are You at Backgammon?
    If you already play backgammon, don't you sometimes wonder how good you really are? Well, this book is your chance to really find out. The 50 situations presented here, cover most of the aspects of the game, from initial moves to bearing off strategies. Each problem is graded on the basis of 5 points for the optimum play and some partial credit for sub-optimum but adequate ones, if such exist. Study this book carefully. It can serve as a case studies tool for improving your game. Besides, the problems presented are not only mind-taxing, they are also entertaining.

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