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Go BoardOften described as the Oriental version of Chess, Go is the national game of Japan, and is considered to be one of the world's foremost games of strategy and skill.

The following is a concise collection of links to Go sites from around the web. Please note that these are just a few highlights – there's a huge Go community out there for you explore!

Go Links

  • 361Points
    A website about the board game of Go / Baduk / Weiqi. Topics include: How to study Go, where to play Go online, and recommendations on Go books and equipment.
  • BadukWorld
    BadukWorld is a Korean multi-lingual GO server that allows players to enjoy a game using their own own mother language.
  • British Go Association
    Home page for a Go club in England, with tutorials, reviews, software downloads, history, and more. The British Go Association exists to promote and support the playing of the oriental board game Go in the United Kingdom. The organization has existed for over 30 years, and is actively involved in the organization and co-ordination of tournaments. The BGA plays an active part in the European Go Federation. The BGA publishes the British Go Journal, a quarterly containing news, reviews of books and software, and games with commentary (both professional and amateur), as well as problems (and their solutions) and occasional series of articles on other topics.
  • British Stratego Association
    The British Stratego Association exists to promote the game of Stratego within Britain and around the world.
  • Browserchess Stratego
    Play Stratego online.
  • Ed's Stratego Site
    Ed's Stratego Site features all sorts of information about the Stratego board game, including Stratego history, Stratego rules, tips & strategies, and a message board where players can discuss the finer points of the game.
  • Go2000
    Go2000 is a full-featured Go database management system with pattern matching and classification.
  • GoProblems.com
    GoProblems is a Java applet that lets you interactively solve go problems. Multiple paths, both correct and incorrect, can be followed in an attempt to solve a problem. You can view the solution as a numbered sequence, an animation, or you can navigate it with colored paths.
  • International Stratego Federation
    The International Stratego Federation is the organisation that regulates Stratego board game tournaments around the world.
  • ItsYourTurn Go
    Play free online games including Backgammon, Battleboats (Battleship), Chess, Checkers, Othello, Pente, and more - over 35 different games and variations. No Java, no downloads. Tournaments and extensive message boards are part of this active community.
  • KGS Go Server
    On the KGS Go Server you can play go (known as weiqi in Chinese and baduk in Korean) against people from all over the world. Watch games, play games, and review your games - all free!
  • Pandanet
    The PandaNet Internet Go Server is a place for playing, watching, studying, and enjoying the game of Go on the internet. At any time, day or night, you can find hundreds of other players from all over the world and of all playing levels, from beginners to professionals. Whatever your ability, you can find opponents of similar skill to play with.
  • PlayOK Go
    PlayOK offers free online games that you can play right from your browser, with no download required. [Java]
  • Reveal Your Rank!
    Reveal Your Rank! is a strategy board game similar to Stratego from Milton Bradley. Hide your flag and guard it safely. You have 40 pieces to place strategically on the board. Your job is to capture your opponent's flag before your opponent finds yours. You also get features like sounds, animations, auto-save and hints.
  • Sensei's Library
    Sensei's Library is meant to be a place where Go players can meet to find information, contribute information and discuss any items related to Go. It is a repository, a discussion medium, it is the pot of Go(ld) at the end of the rainbow! SL is whatever you make of it.
  • Shudan
    Shudan is a collaborative encyclopedia about the game of Go. Here you will find all sorts of information related to this fascinating game: history, biographies of professional players, glossary of terms, where to play, book reviews, games. etc. [Spanish]
  • StrategoUSA
    The StrategoUSA wiki contains information about online Stratego tournaments and the annual Computer Stratego World Championship.
  • Tel's Go Notes
    Go rules, strategy, tips, techniques, for people who have played a few games but who are getting frustrated. Simply capturing the opponent's stones is an adequate strategy in the beginning, but you'll soon find that this does not work against more experienced players. These Go notes will help improve your game.
  • The General
    In this version of the classic board game "Stratego" you lead your troops into battle against the computer opponent in a race to capture your enemy's flag. Initially you can't see how the enemy has positioned his troops and he can't see yours which gives ample opportunity for bluffing and deception from both sides. The Artificial Intelligence of the various computer controlled opponents is very strong so you'll have to fight deviously to win!
  • The Interactive Way To Go
    A web site offering a comprehensive Go tutorial for beginners. "We will now guide you to the unfathomable yet addictive world of Go."
  • WebStratego
    Play head-to-head in real time in an online adaptation & enhancement of the classic strategy game. In addition to original rules, many unique features make the gameplay more exciting than ever. An entire online community has grown around the game, including tournaments, message boards, rankings, and thousands of the best players from around the globe.
  • Wikipedia Stratego
    Information about Stratego from the free online encyclopedia.
  • YourTurnMyTurn Go
    At YourTurnMyTurn.com you can play turn-based classic online board games and modern board games against other players. Your opponent doesn't have to be online. Requires free registration.

Last Update: December 29th, 2013