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Go BoardOften described as the Oriental version of Chess, Go is the national game of Japan, and is considered to be one of the world's foremost games of strategy and skill.

Although Go is a simple game, the potential for strategic play is nearly limitless, so it's no surprise that that are quite a few books available that not only teach the game of Go, but help beginners become competent, the competent become competitive, and perhaps even, in time, experts.

Go Books

  • Go: More Than a GameGo: More Than a Game
    Go! More Than a Game uses a uniquely abbreviated form of the Capturing Game, the most modern method of teaching, so that, in a few minutes, anyone can understand the two basic rules and be playing. The ultimate object of Go is surrounding territory, but the problem is that while you are doing this, the opponent may be surrounding you! Using a game- rather than a problem-oriented approach, Go's beautiful complexities begin to unfold in intertwining patterns of black and white stones. These games progress from small 9x9 boards to 13x13 to the traditional 19x19 size. Along the way, all the basic techniques and strategies are demonstrated. Because of Go's unique handicap system, the beginner can quickly begin playing exciting games with anyone at home, in clubs and on the Internet.
  • Go For BeginnersGo For Beginners
    Go, an ancient, subtly beautiful game of territory, is the oldest game in the world still played in its original form. This book contains its rules, techniques, a glossary of terms, and a list of international and American Go organizations.
  • The Game Of GoThe Game Of Go
    Arthur Smith was one of the first Westerners to make a scientific study of the game Go, and his classic work has never been surpassed for completeness, lucidity, and all-around excellence. The present volume is photographically reproduced from the now rare original edition of 1908. A glossary of Japanese terms used in the game has been inserted at the end of the volume for added convenience.
  • TesujiTesuji
    Tesujis are the tactics of short range combat in the game of go. This volume presents over three hundred examples and problems of them, aimed at training the reader to read and spot the right play in all sorts of tactical situations. It covers a wide range of material while concentrating on fundamentals; its problems manage to be both hard enough to challenge and easy enough to solve, and there are enough of them to keep the most avid busy. Also by author James Davies: Life & Death, a book about Go strategy.

Additional Go Books

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