Dice Game Rules

DiceDice are one of the oldest and simplest gaming devices, having been used by humans, in various forms, for millenia. But for a gaming piece of such apparent simplicity, there are a large number, and wide variety of, games that can be played with dice.

Although dice are often used as an element to interject "chance" into a game, not all dice games are purely random. Many have significant strategic elements, and mathematical acumen and computational skill can also be important talents when playing dice games.

There are both traditional dice games and commercial dice games (often based on traditional rules).

The following links will teach you how to play a wide variety of dice games, with easy-to-understand yet comprehensive guides to getting started playing the most popular dice games:

If you're interested in still more dice games, check out the collection of Dice Game Rule Books, featuring authoritative rules for hundreds of dice games.

Other Dice Rule Sites

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Last Update: January 18th, 2012