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  • Risk: Factions Coming to Facebook

    Risk: Factions Coming to FacebookRisk: Factions is a new Facebook game, loosely based on Risk, the classic game of world domination. Watch the game trailer here.
    read more Posted on 10-25-2011, Filed Under: Risk, Facebook

  • National Chess Day 2011

    National Chess Day 2011In 1976, President Gerald R. Ford declared the very first National Chess Day, and earlier this year, the United States Senate designated October 8, 2011, as National Chess Day. Celebrate!
    read more Posted on 10-08-2011, Filed Under: Chess

  • Steampunk Board Games

    Steampunk Board GamesAn introduction to 'steampunk' and a list of board games and card games that fit into the genre.
    read more Posted on 09-20-2011, Filed Under:

  • Moving on from Monopoly

    Moving on from MonopolyScott Nicholson provides a primer of sorts for modern board games, using elements of Monopoly as a point of reference, and offering up some game suggestions.
    read more Posted on 08-10-2011, Filed Under: Monopoly

  • Try Something New at the Board Games Cafe

    Try Something New at the Board Games CafeHere's a look at a cafe in Malaysia that offers the chance to try out board games before you buy them, based on an annual subscription or an hourly rate. What a great idea!
    read more Posted on 07-28-2011, Filed Under: In The News

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