Moving on from Monopoly

Moving on from MonopolyIn a video from CBS News (Board games through the ages), Scott Nicholson (of Board Games with Scott) made a somewhat shocking confession when asked what his least-favorite board game was: Monopoly.

What?! Isn't Monopoly a family classic, beloved by generations? Yes, says Scott, and it can be a fun game, but it was designed nearly a hundred years ago, and there have been a lot of developments in board gaming in recent years, making Monopoly's gameplay no longer quite up to snuff.

So in this video, Scott provides a primer of sorts for modern board games, using elements of Monopoly as a point of reference, and offering up some game suggestions:

Here's a quick summary of the games that Scott recommended, based on what elements of Monopoly that different players might prefer:

  • If you like to roll the dice and move around the board, try: That's Life
  • If you like buying and investing in properties, try: Acquire
  • If you like to collect sets of things, try: Zooloretto
  • If you like trading with other players, try: The Settlers of Catan
  • If you like to make deal, try: I'm The Boss
  • If you like to bankrupt your opponents, try: Crunch
  • If you enjoy the variety of cards in Chance and Community Chest, try: Dominion
  • If you enjoy auctions, try: High Society
  • If you'd lie to try a more modern version of a Monopoly-themed games, try: Monopoly Deal

Lots of really interesting games to try here – thanks, Scott!

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