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In Risk II, the world is at war, and you are the commander of an army fighting for global domination. In this fast-paced game of strategy, negotiation, and luck, you must organize your forces in order to crush your enemies and take their territories. The classic game comes to life on your PC, with more ways to play, advanced map options, superior graphics, and animated battles. As Supreme Commander, you must deploy your troops, attack your enemies, and even betray your allies in an all-out effort to take over the world!

The year is 1812. Napoleon's army is on the march, and it's every empire for itself. As Supreme Commander, you'll seize territories, crush your enemies, and betray your allies in a fast-paced, ruthless quest for world domination. Risk 2 is the ultimate form of this world-domination game that people of all ages have enjoyed for more than 40 years.

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Features include:

  • The Classic Game plays by the familiar rules, trading cards for armies and rolling the dice to outdo your opponent
  • The Simultaneous-Turn game offers a whole new Risk experience that includes I-COM communication and negotiation features,
    territory-depth enhancements, and territory bidding
  • Choice of 3-D Globe or Classic Flat Map
  • Superior graphics with animated battles
  • Mission-based play with preset objectives
  • New territory depth enhances attack and defense strategies

Requires Windows 95 or later, DirectX.

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Last Update: May 24th, 2011