Chinese Chess Deluxe

Play Chinese Chess (also known as Xiangqi and "Elephant Chess") with Chinese Chess Deluxe, a modern implementation of the ancient game.

Lead your army to victory! The battle has begun! As a General you are in command of a massive army filled
with Mandarins, Elephants, Horses, Chariots, Cannons, and Soldiers. Make one tactical error, though, and you
may lose everything! Your opponent waits in a castle just across the river, ready to attack and capture you.
But with cunning and wits, you can penetrate his defenses and claim victory for yourself. Checkmate!

Chinese Chess Deluxe Screenshots
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Chinese Chess Deluxe, screenshot #1Chinese Chess Deluxe, screenshot #2Chinese Chess Deluxe, screenshot #3
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Features include:

  • 2 sets of pieces - Chinese and International
  • Show the sequence of play
  • Supports multiple screen sizes, including 1024 x 768
  • 5 play levels
  • Play against the computer or a friend
  • Access game reviews, hints, and lists of moves

Requires Windows 98 or later.

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Last Update: May 24th, 2011