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Decide the fate of a nation and the destiny of the world with the historical WWII strategy game, Axis & Allies. As the world powers battle for supremacy in 1942, spearhead your country's military drive. Plan strategic bombing raids, sneak submarine attacks, hit-and-run infantry attacks, and anti-aircraft barrages.

Move into embattled territories and resolve conflicts. At the same time protect the economic status of your nation. Earn income from natural resources and successful territorial expansion. Use these funds to buy armaments and develop secret weapons from your stockpile.

Change the course of history with Axis & Allies!

Axis & Allies Board Game Screenshots
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Features include:

  • Expands on classic WWII strategy game play
  • Realistic graphics and sound effects
  • Actual World War II stock footage
  • Solo or multi-player gaming up to 5 players
  • Play over LAN modem-to-modem or the Internet

Requires Windows 95 or later, DirectX.

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Last Update: October 10th, 2011