Board Game Rule Links

The following is a collection of links to web sites offering rules to familiar and obscure board games, along with strategy guides and tutorials.

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  • Abstract Strategy Game Rules
    Rules for games such as 3 Stones, Chinese Checkers, Halma, Pente, Reversi, and many more abstract strategy games.
  • Alphabetical List of Board Game Rules
    A comprehensive alphabetical listing of rules to various board games, both familiar and obscure.
  • Board Game Capital
    Board Game Capital offers fun board game facts, images, ideas and more. Covers both traditional and non-traditional board games.
  • BoardGameGeek Rules
    Though the comprehensive BoardGameGeek site doesn't have a separate "rules" section, most of their detailed game listings include rules (or links to rules).
  • Game Cabinet English Rules Translations
    Rules, in English, to hundreds of board games from Germany, France, Belgium, and elsewhere.
  • Game Cabinet Rules
    Rules to many popular commercial card and board games, reprinted from the original rulebooks that came with the games, with the original illustrations and artwork.
  • Masters Traditional Game Rules
    Rules to a variety of board games, table games, dice games, tile games, card games, and more.
  • Rules to Period Games
    Rules to historical card and board games, courtesy of the Medieval & Renaissance Games web site, which is dedicated to sharing information about Really Old Games.
  • The Board Gamesbook Rules
    Board game rules by period and theme, inlcuding classic and modern abstract games, ancient/medieval/fantasy games, science fiction games, and more.

Board Game Rule Links, By Publisher

  • Gamewright Rules
    Rules to most games published by Gamewright (mostly in PDF format).
  • Hasbro Game Rules
    This is a database of rules to Hasbro games. Stop squabbling over house rules. Browse Hasbro's collection of official rule books and finally settle the score.
  • Pressman Rules
    Rules for games published by Pressman Toys Corporation.
  • University Games Rules
    Rules for games published by University Games and BePuzzled.

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Last Update: January 9th, 2012