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Phalanx GamesPhalanx Games produces exciting and clever board and card games. Their philosophy is to bring gamers the highest possible production quality and presentation of the games´ components. Phalanx games are easy to learn but difficult to master. Most important, they are meant to be fun!

Phalanx Games has produce a large assortment of award-winning board games and card games, and their products have a reputation for outstanding production values and high quality materials. Their games are strategic yet accessible, and are aimed at sophisticated gamers, yet can be enjoyed by all.

  • Alexander the Great - Founder of an EmpireAlexander the Great - Founder of an Empire
    In Alexander the Great - Founder of an Empire, players follow the young Macedonian King and his small but effective army on their long campaign of conquest in the East. They march with him through the Near East to Persia, and then well into the Indian Empire. On the way, enemies are subdued, cities are founded, and magnificent temples are built. As a result, Alexander will rule a huge empire, where all citizens enjoy the same rights. It's frontiers are the Danube in the West, the Caucasus Range in the North, Egypt in the South, and the Himalayas in the East. If this young visionary hadn't become ill and died much too soon, he would have surely expanded his empire further West as he was preparing to. In Alexander the Great players earn points for conquering provinces, building temples and founding cities. The winner is the player who has the most points at the end of the game!
  • Heart of AfricaHeart of Africa
    At the start of the 19th century Africa passed for being mysterious. Moreover, large parts of the so-called "dark continent" were still unexplored. At this point Heart of Africa starts. The two to five players each lead a trading company and try to make profits in Africa. Their limited resources are used to gain as many victory points as possible. In contrast to other games, Heart of Africa does not have a fixed game turn structure. At the start of each turn the players bid who may conduct it. Resources, conflict, different actions, traders, wholesale traders, and the reputation and influence of the players all are important in the game. Everything is integrated into a smooth and fast playing system. At the end of a turn a player counts his victory points. The game immediately ends if a player has scored a certain number of points.
  • Hector and Achilles - The Trojan WarHector and Achilles - The Trojan War
    Hector and Achilles - The Trojan War is a colorful, exciting and fast playing card game for two players set in the times written about by Homer. One player leads the Trojan army, the other the Achean army. In a series of battles the players try to beat their opponent. Famous heroes of the Iliad are helping them achieving their aim.
  • Lascaux: Exploring Ancestral ArtLascaux: Exploring Ancestral Art
    Fabulous caves containing the artistic legacy or our ancient ancestors were discovered in a cave complex at Lascaux in the southwest of France. In testament to their struggle for survival, our forefathers created these stunning images that capture your imagination. Fantastic paintings of large animals long extinct leap from the walls of these caves animals known only from fossils and seen only in dreams. In the game Lascaux, you try to win majorities of animal cards by spending stones at the right moment and cleverly outfoxing other players. Explore the meeting of art and history, in the caves of Lascaux.

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