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Avalon HillAvalon Hill is one of the most prestigious names in board games, renouned for their classic "Axis and Allies" and "Stratego" games, as well as numerous other popular strategy and war games. Avalon Hill games are famous for their balanced design and depth of gameplay that allow almost infinite replayability long after the initial games are won or lost.

Avalon Hill was founded in 1958 by Charles S. Roberts, who pioneered many of the concepts of modern recreational wargaming. These include elements such as the use of a hexagonal grid, zones of control (ZOC), stacking of multiple units at a location, an odds-based combat results table (CRT), terrain effects on movement, troop strength, troop morale, and board games based upon historical events. Complex games could and did have play lasting for days or even weeks, and Avalon Hill set up a system for people to play games by mail.

Avalon Hill became a subsidiary of Monarch Avalon Printing in 1962, which then ran it for the next 36 years, until it decided to get out of the gaming business, disbanding Avalon Hill in the summer of 1998. Hasbro Games purchased the rights to the Avalon Hill games and back inventory and the name "Avalon Hill." Hasbro now publishes a select number of old Avalon Hill games via "Wizards of the Coast" a subsidiary of Hasbro.

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