Jenga Strategies & Personalities

Jenga Strategies & PersonalitiesIn What I learned from Jenga, Katey writes about a recent party she threw, where they played Jenga, and how various strategies were employed by the players, and how those strategies might be linked to different personality traits – patience, deliberateness, rashness, risk-taking:

I'm drawn to the repetition of building, repair and eventual annihilation; a cyclic adventure that seems to parallel with the rhythms of my own life, strangely enough. I live to create, layering things atop one another and watching as my achievements gain altitude. At the same time, there is no real plan in my attack; I prefer to feel my way and leave the details to chance.

There comes a point however when the pillars of my conceptual tower begin to wobble, and I feel that familiar sensation of wanting to scatter the pieces like a petulant toddler and start again from scratch.

That's a great insight (accompanied by some great photos!).

How about you? Do you find parallels between your own personality and the tactics you use in board games?

Looking at those photos, you can see what a wonderful game Jenga really is. It gets people involved, interacting, and laughing together. Think I'll pull out that game for my next family get-together!

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