Say What? The Fine Art of Naming Games

Over at The Game Aisle, Kim Vandenbroucke writes about some of the challenges and pitfalls involved in naming a new game.

ConfusedHere are the points she discusses:

  • The name should sound fun
  • The name should be easy to say
  • The name should NOT be visually confusing
  • The name should make sense
  • The name should be easy to remember
  • The name shouldn't get confused with another product
  • The name should be protectable
  • The name should be easily marketable

Go to "What's in a name?" 8 Points to Help You Succeed in Product Naming to read the complete article.

Even if you're not a game designer, it's an interesting read, and may perhaps provide some insight as to how games end of with the names they do.

Suffice it to say: It's harder than it looks to come up with a great board game name!

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