Deflexion Laser Strategy Game

DeflexionDeflexion is a new and very unique strategic board game. It is the only board game I'm aware of that uses actual lasers as part of the gameplay.

The game uses an Egyptian theme, and the objective is to light up your opponent's pharaoh, while shielding your own from harm. Players alternate turns moving Egyptian-themed pieces having two, one or no mirrored surfaces. All four types of pieces can either move one square forward, back, left, right, or diagonal, or can stay in the same square and rotate by a quarter twist. Each turn ends by firing one of the lasers built into the board. The laser beam bounces from mirror to mirror, and if the beam strikes a non-mirrored surface on any piece it is immediately removed from play. If your laser illuminates your opponent's pharaoh, you win!

Although the rules to this chess-like board game are very simple and easily remembered, the game requires concentration, visualization, and strategic thinking, as you try to protect your pharaoh while simultaneously attacking your opponents positions.

Note: The name of the game has been changed from "Deflection" to "Khet".

Note: This is an archive post; it was originally published on January 22, 2006.

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