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Here is the latest news in the world of board games, for the week of April 1st, 2013:

What Board Games Have Learned From Video Games

"When gaming was in its infancy, it borrowed from tabletop gaming extensively. RPGs especially, with their dice rolls and such like, really looked to games like Dungeons & Dragons for inspiration. Now things have come full circle and video games are beginning to inspire design decisions made in new board games. This has resulted in board games having fewer choices, but more meaningful choices." [link]

Entrepreneurship - The Board Game

Know Opportunity"In the game, players begin with a profile that outlines what their business is. As players advance, they have to abide the slings and arrows of entrepreneurial fortune through cards similar to ones players might find in a game of Monopoly. In Know Opportunity, such cards include "Too Cool To Pass Up," "What Could Go Wrong" and "Let's Make A Deal." At a certain point of play, the businesses go global, which means that payoffs – and the cost of making deals and doing business – go up exponentially. In the global market, players have to worry about synching deals like procuring celebrity endorsers and foreign investment. Risks are high, as they are in real life business." [link]

5 Board Games That Deserve Shows

"With the announcement of the UNO TV special, what other board games could adapt to great TV? What follows is a list of board games that could make for a great half hour game show." The list that Liam came up with is: Yahtzee!, Battleship and Clue (and Jumanji), Sorry!, Scrabble, Monopoly. [link]

Making a game show out of a board game is rather difficult, due to the limitations inherent in a half-hour time slot. In a board game, so much of the excitement is internalized – it's fun to play but not necessarily fun to watch someone play.

Do you have any additions or deletions from that list?

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Notable Quote

"You have to learn the rules of the game. And then you have to play better than anyone else."
 ~ Albert Einstein

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