Board Game Blogs

In addition to this site, here are some other blogs that cover board gamers and the board game industry. Most of these blogs are fairly hard-core, covering German games and strategy games, rather than the traditional abstract and family board games we tend to favor here, but they're all very well done, and well worth your time to explore.

  • Best of Board Games – A collection of interesting links to various board game resources in the web: blogs, BGG threads, whatever.
  • Boardgame News – Hey, that name sounds familiar! Good Resource.
  • Chris Farrell's Gaming Blog – Board game reviews and information.
  • Gameblog – Mikko Saari's blog on all things boardgaming.
  • Gamer's Mind – Thoughts on boardgames, boardgaming, and other goodness.
  • inconsequential ruminations – A minimalist blog, with a pretentious title, about strategy board games.
  • Pawnstar – The irrelevant ramblings of a gamer who works in his spare time.
  • Rick's Boardgame Blog – A blog about boardgames, board games, card games, their playing, and the people who play them.
  • The Game Table – Ward Batty's weekly blog about boardgames and non-standard card games.

Many of these were mentioned in the Board Game Internet Award Nominations from Gone Gaming, a darn good gaming blog in its own right. There is also a comprehensive listing of board game blog feeds available from

Note: This is an archive post; it was originally published on March 21, 2006.

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