Gaming Magazines

Just as board game books provide detailed reference information about board games and strategy games, magazines provide fresher and more timely information for gaming and puzzle enthusiasts. There is not a huge variety of board-game-specific publications, but titles such as the popular Games Magazine are essential for keeping up with the latest gaming news, and learning about new developments and upcoming games.

Gaming Magazines

Puzzle Magazines

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Other Board Gaming Magazines

  • Abstract Games Magazine
    Abstract Games magazine offers game strategy articles, game reviews and news for people who love strategic board games. A unique, beautiful print magazine. The site offers information about the magazine, subscription information, and a nice collection of links.
  • Battles Magazine
    Battles Magazine is a professional and independent wargame magazine, with reviews, analysis, regular columns, general and historical articles, scenarios, player aids, and much more.
  • Game Trade Magazine
    The serious games magazine for serious gamers, Game Trade Magazine is the most comprehensive and accessible monthly resource for the latest, up-to-the-minute product information in the world of games and hobby supplies.
  • New In Chess
    New In Chess is published 8 times a year, an features regular contributions from the world's best players.

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