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World of WarcraftWorld of Warcraft is not only the world's largest massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG), but it is also a cultural phenomenon, captivating millions of players worldwide.

However, in addition to the online version of World of Warcraft, there are also board game versions of the game, published by Fantasy Flight Games. In the board game, players take on the roles of various characters such as hunters or warlocks of either the Alliance or Horde faction. During the game, players adventure across the continent of Lordaeron, earning experience as well as new items and abilities. The ultimate objective of the game is to defeat a powerful "Overlord".

With over 1000 individual components making up the game, the World of Warcraft board game is truly massive, and an immersive gameplay experience. For fans of the online game that want to take the world offline, the World of Warcraft board game makes a great strategy game.

World of Warcraft Board Games

  • World Of Warcraft - The Adventure GameWorld Of Warcraft - The Adventure Game
    Take a competitive, quick-moving journey through the Eastern Kingdoms of the world of Warcraft in World of Warcraft - The Adventure Game. Two to four players each take on the role of one of four distinct characters, each with his own unique deck of ability cards for battling a legion of enemies, including other players! The straightforward combat system keeps the action moving as players quickly grow in power and accumulate invaluable treasures. A huge variety of events, discoveries, and locations make every game unique and engaging. Battle your way to the top and become the supreme adventurer of Azeroth in World of Warcraft - The Adventure Game!

World of Warcraft Expansions

World of Warcraft Software

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