RummikubRummikub® is a unique game that combines elements of Rummy, Dominoes, and Mahjongg. It's played like a card game, but uses numbered tiles in place of playing cards. Rummikub has been a worldwide top-seller for generations, and is a well-loved strategy game for parties and family get-togethers.

Rummikub Games

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Rummikub Links

  • Pagat Rummikub
    Rules for several variations of Rummikub, including American Rummikub, International Rummikub, Sabra Rummikub, and Okey.
  • Rummi
    Play Tile Rummy and other variations of Manipulation Rummy, against your PC or with someone else over the Internet. [Windows, Mac, Linux]
  • Rummikub Rules
    Rules of play for the game of Rummikub, a commercially-available rummy game played with tiles rather than playing cards. From
    The official home page for Rummikub, from Lemada Light Industries, the manufacturer of Rummikub and other games.
  • Wikipedia Rummikub
    Information about the game of Rummikub, from the free online encyclopedia.
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