Reversi (Othello) Links

Reversi (Othello)Reversi (also known as Othello), is a board game for two players, played on a grid of 64 squares. A minute to learn, a lifetime to master!

The following are links to Reversi and Othello information on the web, including instructional sites, strategy guides, and clubs and federations dedicated to popularizing the game and improving their skills.

  • Andrea Zinno's Othello Pages
    Personal site entirely dedicated to the Othello Games. Includes games analysis, championship, and links.
  • Bluez Othello Links
    Bluez' collection of Othello links and free Reversi sites, games transcripts and analyses, and game downloads.
  • FDI's Othello Links
    A large collection of over 200 categorized Othello/Reversi related links.
  • Othello Club
    The Othello Club promotes the game of Othello/Reversi by offering a social network for both advanced players and beginners, and keeps you informed about tourneys, and offers free download of Othello strategy guides and Othello programs.
  • Othello Gateway
    Othello Gateway brings you more advanced Othello strategy articles, news, commentary, and Othello internet links, all furnished by respected Othello players.
  • Othello News
    The online magazine for every one who likes Othello and wants to raise his skill.
  • Othello Sky
    A web site that focuses on Othello in the Orient.
  • Othello Wiki Book Project
    This is a "book" about Othello, written and edited by the joint community of Othello players. Feel free to write or edit any page you like. Don't be afraid to write something stupid or to mess things up; in the worst case, someone else will just clean up after you.
  • The Othello Strategy Guide
    Contains a strategy guide, examples of tricks, a forum and a large database of games. [Swedish]

Reversi/Othello Clubs

  • Australian Othello Federation
    The Australian Othello Federation was formed to promote and play the game of Othello in Australia, to help increase the standard of play in Othello in the country.
  • British Othello Federation
    The British Othello Federation promotes the game of Othello (Reversi) in the UK and organises tournaments around the country.
  • Canadian Othello Association
    The Canadian Othello Association is a non-profit organization created to promote the development of the game of Othello in Canada, develop a social network of members, organise regional and national tournaments, and represent Canada at the World Othello Federation.
  • China Othello Federation
    The main aim of the China Othello Federation is to encourage the development of Othello in China by propagandizing the game and organizing mass and open tournaments.
  • Danish Othello Association
    Danish Othello Association hosts an comprehensive site in both Danish and English. Features a huge foto-section, links-database and othello-news from around the world.
  • Italian Othello Federation
    Official web site of the Italian Othello Federation (FNGO). With tournament news and results, information about FNGO, Othello rules and strategy tips, and links to other Othello sites. [Italian]
  • Malaysia Othello Association
    The Malaysia Othello Association promotes the game and organizes tournaments in Malaysia.
  • Othello Association Singapore
    The Othello Association Singapore was formed to promote Othello in Singapore and to bring Othello to greater heights.
  • Othello Club Deutschland
    An Othello club located in Germany.
  • United States Othello Association
    The United States Othello Association is the official World Othello Federation recognized federation for the USA. The USOA is dedicated to the advancement of the game of Othello in the United States, and it conducts, sponsors, and sanctions tournaments, as well as maintaining a national rating system for active players, and publishes Othello instructional materials.
  • World Othello Federation
    The goal of the World Othello Federation is to make Othello more popular, spread the news about the game and help new nations to become members of the Othello family. Each year, member Federations organise over 350 Othello Tournaments throughout the world.

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