MancalaMancala is not a single game, but a whole category of games. Mancala games all evolved from ancient African pastimes, and all share a similar gameboard consisting of a series of shallow holes, with game pieces called "seeds". Gameplay involves moving the seeds from hole to hole according to the rules of the particular game being played. This movement of the seeds is referred to as "sowing". Games are won by capturing the most seeds. Mancala games are generally for two players only.

Specific Mancala games include "Abalala'e", "Ayoayo", "Bao", "Bechi", "Deka", "Gabata", "Gamacha", "Giuthi", "Njombwa", "Nsumbi", "Qelat", "The Cow Game", "The Game Of Daughters", and "Wari".

The standard Mancala board has two rows of six holes each, plus one larger "storehouse" hole on each end to keep captured seeds. Some of the Mancala variations require boards with greater or fewer holes.

Complete rules are available from Pressman Toy, Masters Games, and Game Cabinet, among other sites.

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