Dominoes Links

DominoesDominoes is a beloved family game, popular because the same simple game pieces can be used to play innumerable games (much like playing cards and dice), yet provide great opportunities for skillful and subtle play.

The following are a few useful links to sites around the web related to dominoes and domino games. Learn about domino history and learn numerous rules and game variations.

  • 42 - A Game of Dominoes
    Learn to play 42, with this site focussing on the Dominoes game, with an overview of the game, rules, bidding and scoring guides, strategy, and a sample game, as well as a discussion of game variations, and links. By Paul Proft.
  • D! Bone Card Games
    The unique D! Bone Cards are based on Dominoes, and use new rules and new strategies to create some of the most
    fun & challenging card games to hit the market in recent years.
  • Domino Plaza
    A compendium of Domino rules, including classic dominoes, modern dominoes, domino cards, oriental dominoes, and more.
  • is your dominoes portal, where it's all dominoes, all the time, with domino rules, domino history, domino books, and a comprehensive listing of domino games for Windows, Macintosh, PocketPC, PalmOS, and online play.
  • Dominoes History
    A history of dominoes, from its origins in China, to its European introduction in the 18th Century. This page is part of James Masters' excellent History Of Traditional Games site.
    A comprehensive Dominoes Directory. Categorized links to many Dominoes sites, including rules, graphics, books, articles, matches, software, forums, news, playsites, leagues, tournaments and more.
  • Eric Gans Dominoes
    Play Dominoes from your browser with this Java-based game by Eric Gans.
  • Game Cabinet Domino Rules
    A comprehensive listing of Domino rules, including the Tiddly-Wink, Sebastopol, Bergen, Matador, Sniff, Chickenfoot, and Mexican Train.
  • Pagat Domino Rules
    John McLeod has rules for a number of Domino games, including The Draw Game, The Block Game, Five Up (Muggins), Fives and Threes, Matador, Bergen, Flower and Scorpion, Train, Chicken Foot, Nos, and Texas 42.
  • Puremco
    Puremco makes the world's finest dominoes, and features secure online ordering of all its domino products. Personalized dominoes and cases make great gifts. Dominoes are available in Double 6, Double 9, Double 12 and Double 15 versions, as well as domino racks and scorers, game centerpieces, books and more.
  • The Game Cabinet Dominoes
    The Game Cabinet's Dominoes page includes an introduction to the game, a glossary, and rules to Domino games such as 42, Castle Rock, Trains, Pai Gow, and many more.
    The Annual World Championship Domino Tournament, a family event held in Andalusia, Alabama. Over $450,000 in prize money & trophies have been awarded since the games began in 1976.

Last Update: July 2nd, 2012