Chess Links

ChessSometimes called the "Royal Game" or the "Game of Kings", Chess remains incredibly popular today, is prized for its simple rules yet endless strategic depth.

The following are a few useful links to sites around the web related to chess. Learn about chess history and learn numerous rules and game variations.

Chess Information Sites

  • The Dynamic Chess Course
    This chess course can turn you into a seriously strong chess player, with 45 intense training modules that can move an average club player to a tournament-winning standard. Includes contributions from every international grandmaster of the past 150 years.
  • has the biggest searchable chess games database online. You can search for a position, browse the database white Opening Explorer, download games as PGN and much more.
  • ChessBase
    ChessBase is a publisher of high quality chess programs and databases, and offers free access to a regulary updated online game database.
    One of the most respected freely accessible chess sites on the web, with the finest selection of chess books, sets, and clocks in North America.
  • Chessdom
    Chessdom aims to enrich the understanding of chess and bring its popularity to a higher level by providing modern coverage of the events and news of the ancient exciting game chess.
    News and views about the U.S. Chess Federation and American chess.
  • Chessopolis
    Chessopolis features a massive world-famous chess links directory, as well as a discussion forum where you can talk chess with other players and enthusiasts.
    For chess players seeking to improve their game, nothing is more helpful than the study of problems. Chessproblems allows you to interactively solve and explore problems through an interactive Java applet.
  • Chesspupil
    A professional chess coaching site which also offers many free features such as a free book for learners, quizzes and a state-of-the-art forum.
  • Chessville
    Chessville is a web site by Chessplayers, for Chessplayers! It offers chess news and reviews, chess training and instruction, and everything chess related.
  • En Passant
    En Passant is a chess site with free chess software and resources for chess publishing like chess fonts, diagram utilities, graphics and more.
  • Grandmaster Strategy Video Training Library
    Charles Kimball shares a collection of Chess training videos that will dramatically improve your Chess game, revealing some of the most powerful strategies in the history of the game.
  • Online Chess Strategy
    Challenging chess puzzles, chess strategies and winning chess tactics from chess teacher Dave Schloss.
  • The Chess Drum
    The Chess Drum champions the success of Black chess players, or those of African ancestry, and includes interviews, playble chess games, puzzles, essays, and current chess news from around the world.

Chess Clubs, Federations, & Organizations

  • All American Association Chess Club
    The All American Association Chess Club is highly instrumental in training and mastery of Chess game to youth. Their goal is to promote Chess among youngsters and teenagers.
  • Australian Chess Federation
    The Australian Chess Federation is dedicated to promoting the game Down Under, and is a member of FIDE, the world chess federation.
  • Barbados Chess Federation
    The Barbados Chess Federation was established for the promotion of promotion of chess in Barbados.
  • Chess Federation of Canada
    The Chess Federation of Canada promotes and encourages the knowledge, study and play of the game of chess in Canada. The Chess Federation of Canada is the governing body for chess in Canada.
  • Chess South Africa
    CHESSA is the home for chess in South Africa, and is a member of FIDE, the world chess federation.
  • Continental Chess Association
    Continental Chess has organized chess tournaments from coast to coast since the 1960s, open to players of all ages, from beginners to Grandmasters.
  • English Chess Federation
    The English Chess Federation is the governing body for chess in England and its mission is to promote the game of chess, in all its forms, as an attractive means of cultural and personal advancement, and to foster the highest level of achievement in the game.
  • FIDE World Chess Federation
    The purpose of the World Chess Federation (Federation Internationale des Echecs, known as FIDE from its French acronym) is to assist the best chess players to continue to achieve new peaks of excellence and to increase the pool of talent from which new champions will emerge.
  • Irish Chess Union
    The Irish Chess Union is the governing body for chess in Ireland.
  • National Scholastic Chess Foundation
    The mission of the NSCF is to bring the benefits of a chess education to children. The NSCF promotes the study of chess as an educational tool in curricular classes and enrichment programs for elementary, middle and high schools.
  • Singapore Chess Federation
    The mission of the Singapore Chess Federation is to promote chess for all and nurturing Singaporeans to realize their talents for community and nation.
  • United States Chess Federation
    The United States Chess Federation (USCF) is the official, not-for-profit US membership organization for chess players and chess supporters of all ages and strengths, from beginners to Grandmasters. The USCF represents the United States in the World Chess Federation (FIDE), linking US members to chess players around the world. See also: Chess Clubs by State.
    USA Chess provides chess activities for children in more than 100 US cities. Activities include a national summer chess camp tour, scholastic tournaments, school chess programs and private/group lessons.

Last Update: May 20th, 2011