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CheckersThis popular game is known as Checkers in the United States, and Draughts in much of the rest of the world. It is a two-player game played on a board made up of 64 alternately-colored squares, eight to a side.

The following are a few useful links to sites around the web related to checkers and draughts games. Learn about checkers history and learn numerous rules and game variations.

Checkers Information Sites

    A comprehensive Checkers Directory. Categorized links to many Checkers sites, including rules, graphics, books, articles, software, forums, news, playsites, leagues, tournaments and more.
  • Checkerworld
    A site dedicated to the English style of Checkers/Draughts, played on the 8x8 board.
  • Internet Checkers Federation
    This website allows you to study game play by watching it played out in real time on an animated board.
  • Jim Loy's Checkers Pages
    With rules, articles, history, games, and links for Checkers.
  • Online Museum of Checkers History
    A web site dedicated to preserving checkers/draughts history.
  • The Checker Maven
    The Checker Maven is an internet magazine or "webzine" with a focus on Anglo-American 8x8 "straight" checkers/draughts. It is the world's most widely read checkers and draughts publication.
  • Victor Habgood's Checker Pages
    Information about online checkers, checkers strategy, and master' tips.

Checkers Clubs, Federations, & Organizations

Last Update: May 19th, 2011