BlokusBlokus is a maddeningly simple abstract strategy game for 2 and 4 players! The basic strategy is to place all your tiles on the game board while trying to block your opponents from placing their tiles.

Blokus has won an amazing number of awards in a very short period of time, including the Spiel des Jahres, the Mensa Select Best Mind Game award, the Parent's Choice Gold Award, the Dr. Toy Best Children's Product award, the Best Strategy Games award from Games Magazine, and many more - over 20 such prestigious designations.

This fascinating strategy game is very simple to learn, but difficult to master! Its depth and challenge will bring you back for game after game. Blokus includes a titanium-colored board with 400 recessed squares to hold pieces in place, 84 game pieces in four bright translucent pieces, and an instruction booklet.

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Blokus Rules

The rules for Blokus take less than 1 minute to explain: blue goes first, followed by yellow, then red and finally green. The first player places any piece of their choice in it's home corner. Each color plays in turn. Two pieces of the same color must touch at their corners, but they cannot touch along their sides. When there is no piece left of a color that can be played, that color is considered "abandoned".

When all the colors are abandoned, the winner is the person (or team) with the highest score. Players score one point for each square covered, 15 bonus points if they manage to use all their tiles, and 5 more points if the last piece played is the single square.

More Blokus-Related Information

Blokus is published by Sekkoïa in Europe and by Educational Insights in the United States. The web site is the main home for everything Blokus, including Blokus Rules and the Blokus Blog, which provides ongoing news about the game. You can also request replacement parts in the event that you lose a piece.

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